STYLE | Affordable Opulence to TIMELESS Opulence

You may remember our Affordable Opulence campaign. What was merely a mid-Fall campaign turned into our slogan.

Today, we are making a major change. You see, last year during our scheduled Memkoh Meetup in D.C where no one showed, we came up with "Affordable Opulence" as the tag line for a Memkoh campaign. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter, you probably know all about that and the thought process that went into defining what exactly Affordable Opulence meant and why it was important that we stress the affordability of our services. It extended far beyond our campaign to what we were known for. This isn't changing very much.

We still aim to provide affordable style (or luxury, depending on the size of your pocket). Affordability will never be an issue as we believe you will be willing to spend your money and time on any services that will benefit you. Our array of styling and personal shopping services both for men and for women are not an exception.

For these reasons and more, we will be officially switching from "Affordable Opulence" to "TIMELESS Opulence".

We are now putting an emphasis not on the prices, but on the quality of our services.

Our website home page has had Timeless Opulence on it since the crack of Spring, but we were still toying with the idea to test how it sounds, to see if we really liked it and to know if you were opposed to it (we welcome email suggestions with open arms). We then realized we had been maintaining a split identity by leaving "Affordable Opulence" on our Instagram bio and "Timeless Opulence" on our website homepage. It is time to make it all come together.



When you think of getting shopped for or styled by Memkoh, we don't want you to think of a price tag, we want you to immediately know what you will get from your appointment because there is something timeless about the desire to add value. And that's our aim.

There is something timeless about the desire to add value
— Memkoh

Timelessness and effortlessness are our watchword and we are happy now more than ever to continuously project that in all that we do.

Opulence is an attitude.

Opulence is a way of life.

And if it TIMELESS, it means we are never going back. It means that once you assume the attitude and thinking of being opulent, acting opulent, and living opulently, you cannot settle for less, ever!

Opulence does not make noise. Your life and actions speak for you. In the style sense, your clothes and the way you carry yourself speak for you. 

We hope you love the new us, as we strive to constantly add value around here.



The pictures reflect a second spin of an outfit you've already seen; we styled the white ruffle top from our Spring Lookbook in a second way. Now, that's value and we promise to do more of this.

A pair of pants in bold navy color with muted floral pattern and a ruffle top, (jacket optional) make this the perfect transitional outfit, whether you're at work or out on the town. We particularly love how these pants can be dressed up or down and look forward to take more spins in it. You'll be the first to see the evidence of course ;) 


All Photos are by Gbenga Sogbetun


Thank you to everyone who made this possible, from those who commented on our initial post in the Fall, voting on whether "opulence" was a good choice of words to our two branding expert friends who recently got us thinking hard. Thank you as well to my ladies who voted on what cover image to use to reflect this major change. Our able photographer is not left out of this either; thank you Mr. Gbenga!

To you guys who are always reading and always sharing, we appreciate you all for your support.

Let's add that TIMELESS spin to your style and life, and make it stay forever!

- Memkoh

Memkoh in the Mid-West: My Trip to Indianapolis

Spring is for traveling...

And so I did.

Only that, I was not appropriately packed for my trip because it was supposedly summer. You see, I have this behavior (and maybe you do too) that once I see a crack of sunshine in the Spring, it's already summer in my head. Admittedly, the week I left, it was warm so I felt justified to travel with just a longline sweater. Wrong move!!! I ended up buying a trench coat during my trip and that added a layer of warmth, but not so much. The winds in Chicago and Indianapolis weren't too kind to me so I tried to enjoy myself indoors as opposed to going out and exploring the city. A day before my departure, my host, Onyeka took me around and we had a blast :)


I spent a night in Chicago with my friend and it rained. Of course I got soaked. From what I could see, Chicago is a nice place. I would love to go back and actually see places like the bean, the lake and other attractions. So for the rest of this post, don't expect to see a mention of Chicago because technically, I'm yet to visit...Amen?

Now who's getting that ticket for me, eh? :D


The next day, I hopped on the bus to Indiana where I spent the entirety of my trip, as opposed to returning to Chicago later in the week. It was a lot more convenient for me, as the bus ride back to Chicago would have been about 4 hours.

I wasn't ready for that hassle, so my friend and I decided to make the best of my short trip. She took me around, showing me attractions like the canal (or river or stream?) that they turn green on St. Patty's day, some historic buildings then we ended up in the mall. I won't pretend like that wasn't my favorite part of the day!

Make sure you catch up on her stories on Things They Should Know.

Make sure you catch up on her stories on Things They Should Know.

We ended the night with Chinese food and some Nigerian movies on IrokoTV. Although I didn't visit for too long, I made sure I saw as much of downtown Indianapolis as I could, with my improperly dressed self. You will see it in the pictures; they are hilarious! The jacket and scarf I'm wearing are Onyeka's. She was kind enough to save me from myself. lol. I made sure I picked a scarf I knew is her favorite. 


And if you're wondering how Indie is, I suggest you visit; it's a good place for the soul - peaceful, cultured and chill. Oh and Yeka's colleagues I met were absolutely friendly. Maybe next time I visit, she will take me to see some live performances. Speaking of live performances, I watched my friend singing in church during their rehearsal and it was the most beautiful thing ever especially because when I met her, I called her "hummingbird". She really is!

Go check out her podcast where she co-hosts with 3 other women - NYAC Podcast. They are so intelligent!

Enjoy the rest of my trip in pictures.

Why didn't I allow this woman to run in peace? LOL!

Why didn't I allow this woman to run in peace? LOL!


Thank you Onyeka for having me, and especially for taking these beautiful pictures. Looking at them, you probably can't tell that I was cold but I really was. I guess that's what happens when you have great company and a personal photographer :)

Thank you Indy, for the memories. Who's next? *chuckles*

- Memkoh

#WeddingWednesday | Memkoh Bridal Box and Groomsmen Favors

Helloooo everyone,

You've been so wonderful for the feedback on our just concluded 6 Days of Spring Style series. We're taking it easy with you this week by announcing that...

Our Memkoh Bridal Box and Groomsmen Favors has officially launched!

The boxes you are about to see were used for a REAL WEDDING, so yes, we are in full swing with these bridal party favors.

What is the Memkoh Bridal Box?

The Memkoh Bridal Box and Grooomsmen Favors is our proven way of saying thank you to your bridesmaids and groomsmen while still pampering them in the process.

Customize your gifts or give well thought out favors to your individual bridesmaids and groomsmen.


Why Should you Get the Memkoh Bridal Box/Groomsmen Favors?

  1. Say Thank You! - Your bridal squad obviously consists of the best! They deserve a Thank you for being there for you up till this moment in your life.
  2. Pamper yourself - Not only does your bridal party get boxes and favors, but you as the bride and/or groom will get one as well.

    TIP: Ask us to prepare mini boxes for your significant other and we will intentionally mismatch the labels during delivery. Why? On the morning of your wedding, you can exchange this as your gift to each other :)
  3. Avert disaster - Weddings are never 100% drama or disaster-free. A torn dress, a running nose, an unruly nail tugging at your silk dress, headaches, cramps, etc. The list is endless.

    In our Memkoh Bridal Boxes, there is an emergency kit for your entire bridal party or better still, we will spread out emergency items in everyone's box, so if Tara didn't get Tylenol in hers, Mimi does. Someone will always have the answer to a wedding day disaster in his or her Memkoh Box and we really want to ensure that.

Memkoh Bridal Box & Groomsmen Favors

Take a look at the sample boxes we've created in the videos below.

Bridal Emergency Kit by Memkoh


Groomsmen Favors by Memkoh


Pricing & Shipping

Every box is customized to fit your request. Ideally, you can get a decent box from $35 and upwards for your bridesmaids' boxes. Look to spend between $50 and $60 for groomsmen favors, as these are customized with their names and your wedding hashtag. Basically, customized gifts cost more and other smaller, meaningful gifts cost a bit less, so keep this in mind when you contact us.

We recommend having a mix of customized and regular gifts in each box or bag or pack. We'll be happy to work with a list of items you specifically like us to include.

The bride and groom's box will range from $60 - $80, as these will contain high quality, meaningful gifts for each other, as well as emergency kit items for any unforeseen wedding day disaster. However, if you book our Wedding Styling package, the bride and groom's box is FREE!

We will work with your budget to make sure you and your bridal party get nothing but the best. Start your enquiry below. We take 2-3 weeks to fulfill orders.

Each box can be shipped to you or each individual bridesmaid/groomsmen.

We are here to make things convenient for you so let us know any and all requests and we will be happy to assist you.


Order Now

Name *
Wedding Date *
Wedding Date
Budget *

For other questions and inquiries about this service, kindly email stating your name, wedding date and number of bridal party members.

Your Wedding Stylist,

6 Days of Spring Style Day 6: Tiered Dress

Helloooo! Are you as excited as I am? Today marks the 6th and final day of our 6 Days of Spring Style series and I am so happy to have been able to do this for you. Let's take a look at our final look, the tiered dress.

If you've missed the rest of the series, there are links at the end of this post to every single one of them :)


I love this look because it's easy both in it's overall look and even putting it together required no work. Tiered dresses have my heart and I plan to get a maxi one really soon. But for now, this light blue short tiered dress is the truth! Hope you get one :)


We've made it to the end of this series. I want to say a huuuggge thank you to every one of you for your encouragement and for sticking through this series.

I won't lie to you but I got tired of posting by the fourth day because I don't enjoy being on your timelines every second, but this had to be done and I'm glad I broke out of whatever shell I put myself in. Hope this encourages you to step out and be bold in whatever endeavor you choose.

To my amazing photographer, Mr Gbenga Sogbetun, thank you for believing in me and for making this come to life better than I ever imagined. Our early morning studio session was sooo worth it!

Thank you!
- Memkoh


6 Days of Spring Style Day 5: Pinstripe Bell Sleeve top & Jeans

In the spirit of all things ruffles, I styled this pinstripe bell sleeve ruffle top with my pair of jeans from Inidara. I did not include pinstripes or vertical stripes in our spring trends post but it is something I'm loving right now. I used to hate stripes a lot and never understood the hype over stripes in the spring/summer period but there's something about blue and white vertical pinstripes that gets me. I already have a few things in that color, so I opted for a black and white striped shirt from SheInside instead. The icing on this delicious cake was the slightly exaggerated sleeves. However, if you'd love to see a more exaggerated bell sleeve top, see my recent upload below.


It's funny how the top above was to be featured in this lookbook but I ironed this dark striped one instead so when it was time to shoot, I was left with no other option. It made me a little bit upset because I really love the quadruple tiered sleeve detail going on with this white top. Two days later, I had an event and out came my previously forgotten top. 

Lesson: Things always work out. You may not understand why things happen the way they happen at the moment, but trust and believe that it will all pan out well.

The white top definitely gave my outfit a little sparkle and I can't wait to wear it all summer.

Over to this look...

Jeans by Inidara | Bag by Inidara | Top by Sheinside | Shoes by Aldoshoes

Pictures by Gbenga Sogbetun

6 Days of Spring Style Day 4: Ruffle Top & a Skirt

Folding laundry is a pain! Who is with me? This is one thing I wish there was an affordable device to do. I think hotels have it. I just want this chore to pass as I have been folding clothes all evening. The real question should be "Why do you have so many clothes, young lady?".

I digress.

For today's look, we will be looking at how I styled a white ruffle top. You know this week's reference post is our one and only Spring trends post and so far, we have ticked off about 5 of those 7 items. Yayyy! Your feedback has been amazing, by the way. We hope we have inspired you.


How to Style a Ruffle Top: Office Chic

I love ruffle tops! Anything with sensibly placed details is a win for me. With this top from Missguided, I bought it just because I had recently told myself to take more risks when it comes to shopping for tops. I feel like I never have enough, or I get a humdrum feeling from the tops I already own. So I cringed as I added this to my cart but I ended up loving it, even though the fabric isn't what I expected it to be. 

Note to self: Take more risks!

Memkoh Spring 2017 Trends32.jpg

The ruffles are amazing and the jacket was a perfect fit for this look. You will see the first way I styled this top and blazer combo next week but for now, I hope this look inspires you to add ruffles to your closet. My skirt is a "friendship skirt" I bought while visiting my friend recently.


I'll let you in on that trip soon. The shoes you'll see in this post are called sling backs and I'll tell you something - that bow detail got me, in addition to the already breathtaking sling backs and slender heel. Let's see more pictures of the entire outfit :)

Top from Missguided, Jacket from Express, Skirt from Forever21 and shoes from Aldo.

Top from Missguided, Jacket from Express, Skirt from Forever21 and shoes from Aldo.


How to Style a Ruffle Top: After-Hours

For this look, I completely let go of my jacket and instead added a nice shoulder bag by Inidara Brand. They are currently having a sale and all bags are 40% off this weekend. Use code INIDARA40. After this code expires, you can always get 10% off with our unique code MEMKOH.

Which look did you love better? Office Chic or After-Hours? Comment below.

All pictures in this series are by Gbenga Sogbetun

6 Days of Spring Style Day 3: Open-back top and Denkara Jeans

It's Day 3! Hope you're all caught up with our 6 Days of Spring Style series. See Day 1 and Day 2. Today, we will look at how to style an open-back top, Denkara by Inidara jeans and a pair of mules.

This look first appeared in an Instagram post. See below. 

Since then, I have been looking for a way to photograph myself in this open-back shirt for a blog post. Last year at the Memkoh Meetup in Lagos, I wore an open back top but since I was in Nigeria, aka under the hawk-like eyes of my Nigerian parents, I had to wear a coat to cover it. haha. But this top is different. It's a full shirt in front and has tie-strings at the back. And it's in blue and white stripes. Beautiful! You can style it like I did above, with a pair of darker jeans or you can totally blend it with light-wash jeans like I did below. It's up to you.

Plus, these are not ordinary jeans. They are by Inidara Brand and are handmade to perfection. The tote is also from there and you can get it here. Use my code MEMKOH for 10% off. Now, the look...

6 Days of Spring Day 3

In this look, we addressed Trends 1 & 3 - open back tops and mules - from our Spring Trends you'll soon see everywhere post. I hope you read it. I also fell in love with these fishnet tights I saw last year. I figured they would look good with the Inidara Denkara jeans so I bought them and now we have a completely interesting look for Spring. Use MEMKOH for 10% off on Inidara.

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

What happens when you hear Nigerian music? Take a peek above. 

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Denkara Jeans by Inidara Brand | Tote by Inidara Brand

Photo by Gbenga Sogbetun



6 Days of Spring Style Day 2: The Yellow Dress


In our second installment of our 6 Days of Spring Fashion Series, (See Day 1 here) we are showing you how we styled a yellow shift dress. This wasn't exactly in the trends post, but we love yellow; we've always loved yellow.

Shift dresses are a perfect way to show off your style as they can be easily styled with pumps, wedges, sandals, gladiators, flats, etc. and worn to many kinds of events from brunch to casual dinners. I wore mine with a pair of striped and floral sandals. Let's take a look and get ready to shop other yellow dresses below.



In the next half of this post, we featured the new Denkara bags by Inidara. By now, you know that Denkara means Denim and Ankara, right? :D You can shop the bags on and use my code MEMKOH for 10% off your order.

Tote by Inidara Brand. Use MEMKOH for 10% off any order

Tote by Inidara Brand. Use MEMKOH for 10% off any order

Tote by Inidara Brand. Use MEMKOH for 10% off any order

Tote by Inidara Brand. Use MEMKOH for 10% off any order


What say you? Are you convinced to add a yellow dress to your closet yet? Don't forget to grab that Inidara bag here (pink) and in blue.

Dress: here | Photos by Gbenga Sogbetun | Tote by Inidara Brand. Use MEMKOH for 10% off any order