STYLE | Everything we are loving this Summer

It's Shopping Saturdaayyyyyyyy! As much as I want you to drop whatever you are doing and head over to the Memkoh Shop, I also want to bless you with these few items I have been obsessing over for weeeekkkss and I think you absolutely need some of them!

1. Palm Prints (also known as Tropical Prints)

I have been saving every item in palm prints for the last month or so in anticipation of this post. From shoes, to clothes like rompers, tops, dresses, you'll find them all below. Knock yourself out ;)

You can also get this pair of shoes on our Memkoh Shop.


2. Straw Bags

You know straw bags are a must-have for all your beach trips. We even have a straw bag on the Memkoh Store for half the price. Check these out too.


3. Blue and White Stripes, or just Blue & White anything!

This is one thing I never got a chance to post on last summer. It's blue and white stripes and my complete love for anything in those colors! I'm not a huge fan of Zara but whenever I walk in, I fall head over heels with their blue and white items on display. I love this pairing so much that I overcame my disdain and bought a striped shirt from them last summer and a jumpsuit this summer which I returned, but blue and white will always have a place in my heart, especially the light blue and white stripes combo. 


4. Yellow-everything!

You saw my yellow dress in our 6 Days of Spring Style series, right? And you saw my yellow shoes in this post last summer too, yes? P.s. It was actually a yellow shoe and bag combo, so you get my obsession with yellow. Fun fact: Yellow used to hurt my eyes when I was a kid. Now? Amen to being saved!


5. One-Shoulder

Move over, off shoulder, one-shoulder is here to stay.


Think these are too expensive when bought separately? You need a Memkoh Box and you can specify which of these styles you'd like included in your box for $180. See all our plans here.

Head over to the Memkoh Shop to stock up as well. We'll be expecting your order. ;)

Also, where are you going for vacation? Tell me in the comments below. I'll create another post shortly on what to pack for your vacay but for now, I hope you loved everything we are loving this summer and feel free to also leave a comment stating what you'd love to wear this summer.

Don't forget to check out the Memkoh Box as well. It'll save you tons of money.

Your Personal Shopper,

My outfit for Trends & Tastings by Aisle Perfect and How to Nail Networking Events

Hello again,

Today must be very good as this is our second post. Our first post was an exclusive cover of Aisle Perfect's Trends & Tastings event held at AJAX, an event space in DC. If you missed this post, see it here.

In this two-part post, I will be sharing with you what I wore to that event and how to nail networking events. Last night, I raised this question as part of our Talk Tuesday series so get ready to see what our contributors said as well as my tips for successfully networking.


My outfit for Trends and Tastings Wedding Vendor Networking Event by Aisle Perfect

It all starts with a thought. "How do you feel right now" and "How do you want to feel at the event" is my recommended recipe for getting dressed to any event. As humans, I know we are tempted to think "How do I want people to perceive me?". While this may be valid, it doesn't have to be the only guide for dressing for a networking event.

I strongly encourage you to always dress starting from the inside and whatever ideal(s) you truly project will be immensely felt. It's not always about slaying and having everyone staring at you. You can receive a ton of compliments but it won't mean anything if you don't really feel good in what you are wearing.

I strongly encourage you to always dress starting from the inside and whatever ideal(s) you truly project will be immensely felt.
— Memkoh


I threw on a white shirt dress because I felt very playful at the moment and I wanted to be in light spirits at the event. This is a bit of an irony because it was a networking event so in a way, you're expected to look serious and act professional so as to be taken seriously. But that's not what I was feeling so I had to scrap such a thought. My playful yet uber stylish look was a win in my books. It gave me space to network and be friendly. Dressy casual best sums up my entire look.


I took lots of shoefies when I was a block away from the event because it hit me that by the time the event ends, it would be dark. Phone in hand, I got to work but didn't quite get a full body picture till after the event. Thanks to my unplanned photographer who saved the day. I definitely wasn't going to get dressed in this outfit all over again to take blog pictures. Nope!

With the winner of our Memkoh Bridal Box :) More info here

With the winner of our Memkoh Bridal Box :) More info here



With the owner of Aisle Perfect. She's a star!

With the owner of Aisle Perfect. She's a star!


How to Nail Networking Events

Networking can be quite daunting but it doesn't have to. You can think of all the bad things that can happen when you are trying to interact with people but you can also think of and dwell on the positive aspects. 

I'll start by sharing an embarrassing moment I had at this event. In the spirit of networking and meeting new people and getting out of my comfort zone, I jumped into a group photo. It's not something I normally do and it's not something that hasn't happened to a lot of people before. But this particular lady came up to me and asked if I was an alumni of so-so-so and when I said "No", she said "oh, that's what this picture was for" in the most demeaning way and walked away before I could even comprehend. If someone jumped into my alumni group picture, I certainly wouldn't have reacted this way.

This killed my joy. But only for one second. I didn't allow it to get past that because it would have affected my mood for the rest of the evening. I started by telling you this because most times when we are afraid of doing something, it's the negative aspects that scare us so if you are reading this as someone who is shy of networking, yes, you will absolutely be handed a lot of crap, most times on a platter of gold but you need to know what to walk away from and what to deal with. You will always meet people who don't know how to talk, whether in the work place or school or church, wherever. These bad eggs shouldn't stop you from going out to build your network.

Your number one reason for networking should be to make new and meaningful connections. If it's not meaningful, trash it. 

Matter of fact, we took this question to Talk Tuesday yesterday and here are the responses, before I chime in.

There is really no clear cut principle but to go with the flow of the moment and live in that moment. These days, my phone helps to start conversations and before you know it, we are exchanging numbers so that they can get the images I captured.
— @Oma263
First off be genuinely interested in others and supportive of them and don’t be surprised when you leave with not just a network/net worth boost but a lifetime ally/friend :)
— @Chigoawinner
Tbh it’s not so hard to network. I think that you can just smile and walk up to anyone and say hi I’m Oprah, I do so so and so, (try and know something about the person so you’ll have something to say) like I love your blog or I admire the work you do, but if you don’t know anything bout the person, just compliment the person and get the person to talk about his/her job and from there you’ll be able to exchange contact deets
— @Lewalifestyle

There, you have it. Three tips from people who feel networking is and should be a breeze.

But what if networking isn't your jam? I'll help you out.

  1. Be genuine. The moment you step foot in the venue, have at least one goal in mind - to meet someone in your profession, line of business or to just make new friends.
  2. Don't think numbers. Often times, we go to networking events with the hopes of giving every single person our contact information. Wrong!!! Spend as much time as you need connecting with that one person who is on your wavelength and by wavelength, I mean someone who totally and completely resonates with you (not someone who has the same number of followers as you as a lot of people use followers as a yardstick these days. We aren't here for the social media foolery please, real connections only).
  3. When in doubt, start with a compliment. Have you been trying to connect with somebody that seems a tad bit unreachable at the event (maybe the event organizer or a well known speaker who has a line of people waiting to speak with him/her about their problems)? Try paying them a compliment (a genuine one). If you don't notice, compliments almost always stop people in their tracks because they'd like to respond to you. You can use the remaining seconds you have before the person spins away to introduce yourself and what you do.
  4. Aim to listen, not to be heard. Yes, we all want people to see our shining lights. We've all been told of the elevator speech and how you need to be ready to drop this at any moment. I don't have an elevator speech because I found out that in your attempt to blurt out your life story to this person who may not be interested, you might miss out on something vital they had to say.
  5. Try and find a point of interest. Having an elevator speech may hinder this because if you don't somehow mention something that connects you to this person as you ramble on and on, they may lose interest. So you don't have to have an elevator speech. Instead, you should know yourself in and out so well that you can have the right follow up words in any conversation. For example, if I went up to someone at this wedding event, introduced myself as a stylist (which I did) and went on and on, I may have missed out if the person responded "I am an Engineer". But if I spoke and gave them the chance to talk about themselves like point 4 says, then we would have found out during our discussion that we are both engineers and then, the rest of our conversation would flow. It is not compulsory to find a common point of interest, but it helps a lot. I actually find it exciting to learn about other people's fields.
  6. One meaningful conversation is all you need. I like having a natural flow in conversations and yes, sometimes you really want to share your contact information with that prospective client who is walking out of the door so you hurriedly mumble 2-3 words and shove your business card in his/her hands. It happens. There is no 100% formula and you will do this consciously or unconsciously.
    My greatest advise is to seek to have one meaningful conversation at any networking event. That one person can open you up to so many opportunities and vice versa, or you may end up doing amazing work together.
  7. Be willing to learn - about other people, about what they do, about what makes them happy or what makes them tick. This is a reiteration of point 4 which says you should strive to be a good listener, only that this time, we are placing emphasis on learning. Make sure you walk away with something you didn't know before or a deeper or fresher knowledge/perspective of something you already knew.

    I'll tie these points together with a personal experience. I met Jessica of Harmony in Happenstance at an event last year. It was a Day of the Girl event held at the Google office in DC. If I had gone up to her with an elevator speech, I probably wouldn't have mentioned that I was a wedding stylist because it was not a wedding event. I couldn't even guess that her niche was wedding photography, since she was the photographer for the event. But I asked her what she does (Step 4: Aim to listen, not to be heard) and with her response "I am a wedding photographer", I was then able to pull out my "I am a wedding stylist" card and I want to say the rest is history but I won't. I told her right then that I was looking to do a styled shoot soon and she told me she had never done a styled shoot before. Refer to Step 6 and you will notice that I had landed my one solid conversation for the evening.

Of course, I don't have to tell you to follow up. FOLLOW UP!

Sending an email is nice, to remind the people how you met them and where. But sometimes, we forget to follow up (or get lazy) which is totally understandable. Just try and pick out at least one contact and send an email or have a space where you save business cards. I have a full business card rack on my table.

You never know when you will need your contacts. It helps if you can genuinely connect with one or two people at networking events. Else, save their contact info and reach out to people whenever you need them; the response might be different though.

I hope this post helps you get up and out to your next or first networking event. To see the event recap of Trends and Tastings by Aisle Perfect, go here.

If you ever run into me at an event, don't forget to say hi :) I tend to get shy a bit but eventually, I always loosen up so if you catch me in my shy moments, come nudge me. I promise, I don't bite.

If you want more tips from me, let me know in the comments or email This is our year to impart knowledge :)

- Your Stylist


#WeddingWednesday | My Experience at the 2nd Annual Aisle Perfect Trends and Tastings Event #PrettyPerfectVendor

Happy Hump Day! :)

There are events and there are EVENTS! On this beautiful day, I will be sharing with you tons of pictures from last week's Aisle Perfect Trends and Tastings event. This event was hosted by Aisle Perfect and planned by C'est Belle Events.

As you may know, we are an Aisle Perfect certified Pretty Perfect Partner / wedding vendor and being in the AP family has been a blessing. Their support has been great and what I like most about AP is how they have given vendors a space to showcase their work and connect with their audience.

We've been featured severally on the AP website starting with our Vendor Profile, our Bohemian Styled ShootBride & Maid-Of-Honor Styled Shoot and our Floral Bridal Shower Styled Shoot. We definitely look forward to more features on AP, especially ones with our actual brides and grooms. It's coming, we can feel it! ;)

Now for this event.

Trends and Tastings was held at AJAX in DC and last year, it was sold out before I could get tickets. I was also either in Nigeria at the time or just returning, so home sickness had the best of me. I'm so glad I could experience this second installment of their event and I look forward to more. I enjoyed the fashion showcase segment by a bridal clothing company, Bride Hive and the speeches by the owner of Aisle Perfect, Kunbi as well as that of a trailblazing bridal stylist, Vain Glorious brides. The bites were yummy and the drinks kept coming or you could keep going, whichever came first ;) Most of all, the venue was splendid and the decor was just perfect for this event.


The DECOR - Aisle Perfect Trends and Tastings

Wooden prop @ten23designs

Wooden prop @ten23designs

Laser cut invitation @parchmentbydami

Laser cut invitation @parchmentbydami


The PEOPLE - Aisle Perfect Trends and Tastings

With Dami of Parchment by Dami | Photo by Iris Mannings Photography | Culled from Aisle Perfect

With Dami of Parchment by Dami | Photo by Iris Mannings Photography | Culled from Aisle Perfect

Love this blurry yet perfect shot of some guests at the photobooth 

Love this blurry yet perfect shot of some guests at the photobooth 

With the CEO of Aisle Perfect, Kunbi

With the CEO of Aisle Perfect, Kunbi


The BRIDAL SETUP - Aisle Perfect Trends and Tastings


The Memkoh BRIDAL BOX GIVEAWAY - Aisle Perfect Trends and Tastings

Of course, I didn't go there to play. I had emailed the organizers as soon as I found out about the event to ask if we could sponsor a gift for a giveaway. Off I went with my box won by our sweet bride, JoAnn.

Looking forward to working with her and if we don't, she'll not forget us anytime soon for that Memkoh Bridal Box. We will be unveiling ready-to-order bridal boxes soon. Learn about our Bridal Box service here and see a rave review from our first client here.

Bridal Stylist, Memkoh with a Memkoh Bridal Box recipient

Bridal Stylist, Memkoh with a Memkoh Bridal Box recipient


Photography by Memkoh. To contact us to photograph your event, email

In all, this event was amazing and here's the contact info of some of the vendors I met.

  1. Allison Fax - Makeup Artist | IG: @allisonfaxbeauty
  2. Shiedha Okquane - Makeup Artist and Beauty Educator | IG: shiedhaokquane
  3. Audrey Luxe Weddings and Events - Wedding Planner | IG: @audreyluxeweddingevents
  4. Tiny Treasures - Event Child Care | Email:
  5. With a Twist Mixologists - Bartending & Event Staff | IG: withatwist.mixologists
  6. Tickled - Photobooth | FB:
  7. Bride Hive - Custom Bride & Bridesmaid Apparel | Email:

If you contact any of the above vendors, please let them know Memkoh, a bridal stylist, referred you. You'll find the full list of vendors and all the cute official pictures on Aisle Perfect here

Thank you to Aisle Perfect for inviting us to and throwing this wonderful event. Pictures of my outfit are in this post.

- Memkoh

Newsletter Archives 5 | "Never Quit" says that Trump guy

The Memkoh Newsletter goes out twice a month. As much as possible, we will bring you recaps of the inspirational portions of previous volumes every Monday (or at least 2 times a month). If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, make sure you do so on here so that you will be reading the most current version and also learning about some of our insider-only updates.

"Never Quit" says that Trump guy

Today, I'm not the one talking; it's that Trump guy. Not sure how many of you are fans of Donald Trump, but let's pretend for 5 seconds that Trump and I are besties. 

He said "Never Quit". And so do I.

"Do not Quit" is an easier phrase to spew out. "Do not" is giving you permission to decide when and when not to. It is not half as heavy as "never". "Never" means you have no option and you really don't, if you truly want to succeed (except you have a trust fund in which case, you should definitely add me on).

Being persistent at what you do is not an option...for your own good.

Keep moving like this bus does.

Keep moving like this bus does.

Generation Now will try to make you believe that if it is not happening now, it will never happen and so you need to move on to something else. False! In the documentary I watched, Trump said "You can change...but never quit". 

- Memkoh x Trump

Alright, our 5 mins of being bffs with Trump is over (don't blame me; just warming up to him in case he becomes president) *P.s. We sent out this newsletter before Trump became president.*

#MenswearMonday | Men's Summer Outfit Guide

Oh hayyyyyyyy! (I don't know why I'm so excited! We've not had a men's style post on the blog in forever! Hope you have been up to date with our Instagram page @MemkohMen)

Our Summer Men's outfit guide is here :) Make sure you read it and start building your summer shopping list. We'll be here with our Memkoh Men Box if you need any help.

1. Classic White Tee

If you don't have this already, don't bother reading the rest of this post. Run out and grab yourself a couple of white tees for summer and thank us later. You can read the rest of this post on your way home from the store :D


2. Basic Solid Colored Shorts

For starters, you need some solid colored shorts as one of your basics this summer. Get one in every color if you like. You will need it as the base of many fun summer outfits. 


3. Printed Shorts

Now that you have solid colored shorts in your closet, we feel you can graduate to adding printed shorts. Not only do they add fun to your wardrobe, they ensure that you attract the cutest girls on the beach. ;)


4. Boat shoes

If there are any shoes you need this summer, it's boat shoes. They all kinda look the same - mostly browns - but the blue ones standout so you might want to have a navy and a brown. Think variety :D


We'll add more to this list next week.

If you liked this post, please share it. We need more well dressed guys this summer.

Also, if you've not heard of the Memkoh Box for men, take a look here and place your order by emailing

- Memkoh

Newsletter Archives 4 | Fight the Lethal Three - Overcoming Bad Habits

Hello and happy Monday :)

This morning, we sent out Volume 26 of The Memkoh Newsletter.

As much as possible, we'll bring you recaps of the inspirational portions of previous volumes every Monday (or at least 2 times a month). If you are not subscribed to our newsletter, make sure you do so on here so that you will be reading the most current version and also learning about some of our insider-only updates.

Fight the Lethal Three

Culled from Volume 15 of The Memkoh Newsletter

What is your "Lethal Three?"

September 5 was Labor Day weekend. My computer was most likely on me the entire weekend, yet I didn't send out a newsletter. (Laziness) It was a long weekend and I decided to shift my focus to other tasks, thinking that I had Monday to slip in a newsletter for Tuesday. (Procrastination). I thought to myself "It's Labor Day Weekend; no one needs motivation for how to enjoy the beach." Anytime the thought of my newsletter popped up, I dismissed it with the thought "We'll handle this on Tuesday." Tuesday came and went. Did your inbox glow or was it just me?

The procrastination led to guilt. The coming Sunday, I told myself a newsletter must go out. "How will I explain myself? Did they notice? Ok, this Sunday unfailingly." Sunday came. Nothing. I comforted myself with the thought that since our newsletters are bi-weekly and we missed Labor Day weekend, it would be best to wait two weeks then get back on schedule. (Guilt!)

The guilt became full blown. Day in, day out, I was thinking of not just the newsletter I hadn't sent, but my website that had been taking too long to fix. Guilt paved way for excuses and self pity as you have seen. The third week came, where we were meant to get back on track. I hid behind the cover of "What will I say anyway? I'm still working on the website so there will be no content/blog links for our newsletter." I kept hiding. Sending a newsletter may have seemed pointless, but sending a newsletter to notify you all of these conflicts would have been amazing. But I didn't and I apologize.

The final blow dealt me hard. I could have easily recovered from the other two, but this one sunk. me. deep. It was so deep that I withdrew from the people close to me unknowingly. I was not myself. What was this, you may think. It was fear of not knowing what to say.

I almost broke down one day as I told my friend "What more can I say?". In all honesty, I have put up a detailed portfolio of all the work I've ever done, described my services as good as possible, even included my prices so as not to leave any potential client guessing. Still, no clients.

All I wanted was 3/4 steady clients.

Was it too much to ask for? I think this fear persisted for a greater portion of the year because my full site went down in January or February, for those of you who knew how the Memkoh site was. What we've had for a greater part of this year (until now) was the truncated site with the Blog and Shop tabs. But you probably never noticed because Memkoh never stopped working.

The days passed and I became less and less myself. I gathered all the notes with ideas I had scribbled from as early as April. And methodically, I would move them every other day or so from my coffee table to my bedside to my study table and kitchen counter. There was a week I left the notes under my table; I didn't want to see them. Everyday, I ran away from putting the ideas together for a new, cohesive website. I was afraid. As you now know, my notes had the answer to "What will I say?". The next episode of fear was "HOW will I say it?"

My sadness managed to slip into two separate conversations with two of my friends who don't know each other. I told them what had happened and they said the same thing "I thought you said never quit, that success doesn't come overnight?". I was so stunned and almost teared up a little on the inside! Firstly, they had read the newsletter. Secondly, they found the personal account I shared useful and the words stuck with them.

If you didn't open The Memkoh Newsletter Volume 14 - "There's no such thing as overnight success", you should. It meant and still means a lot to know that in addition to those in my audience who I don't know personally, some of my friends also value my work. I was happy because they used these words to encourage me when I least expected, when I was defeated thinking nobody was listening. In retrospect, these conversations proved what I've always known that people are always watching and that the good we sow into the world always find a way back to us. I'm not sure I'll be able to thank those friends enough.

Defeated, I had responded to one of them "You know I'm human..." and my voice trailed off. From their responses, they knew I knew better than what I had become tangled in and I should have known better than to let it get that deep. Thank you so much to my friends for these reminders. 

As I emerge from this experience, I know that this moment of weakness had to present itself to prove/remind me of the following:

  1. Never, ever quit! - The last time you read that was in a newsletter, but I said that when things were going okay, when I had thought of quitting but hadn't quite effected that thought yet. I was still fighting. This time, I'm saying this as someone who fought, lost/gave in and is ready to fight again. Never. Ever. Quit. (See point 3)
  2. Success is a multiplier effect - Failures too. You see, success is a combination of a series of many events. To run, you need to learn how to sit, crawl, walk, then run. Let's reason together. Once a baby reaches the age of learning these skills, he/she is taught to do something every single day.

    The ability to sit, crawl or run then depends on a multiplier effect of series of micro trainings given to the baby. You may have forgotten, but you and I took one step every day and whether we toppled or fell face flat on the ground and got laughed at, we laughed back, made our baby coos, shot our chubby diaper bums in the air and got up till we could align those cute chubby toes one in front of the other. Now we are doing relays.

    But...There's something about the world. We grow up and become timid, forgetting how to laugh in the face of our failures or struggles. We forget that our success is multiplying whether we run into a door or not, and instead of getting up, we sit and stare at the door, multiplying our failures. 
  3. The Climb is harder than the Glide - Would you rather glide down a kids' slide or climb up a flight of well-constructed stairs? I thought so too. It's always easy to slide down but the climb back to the top (or close) is always difficult, and although I'm not saying this in a negative way about Memkoh, I want you to observe how things have been since I finally launched the website on the 27th/28th of September till now. Have there been any new blog posts or regular social media posts? The simple reason for this is that when you take a break (or quit), you simply forget. You are giving yourself the permission to forget the mastery of your skills and the secret recipe you've developed over time. And trust me, it'll take some time to get that consistency back. See what I did there? :D

    I really want to get back into the swing of things. I really want to share blog posts on everything we discussed on Instagram while the website was away. I really want to share those new photoshoots with you. But something as simple as logging into my site has slipped away from my realm of automation. I simply walk away at the thought of it, mentally and physically.
  4. You have to act what you know - Yes, I'm human. Yes, I am allowed certain moments of weakness. But merely knowing that this was a moment of weakness was all I needed to get out of it. I will never forget the relief I felt the second I took the password protection off my site and published it. I slept well that night, better than I had in a week. And I avoided my website for the rest of the night; I'd had enough of staring at it! All I'm saying is, if I had acted on what I knew, I would have forced myself to break down this process into daily achievable goals, instead of staring at a mumble jumble of words and thinking of the clients that seem so far away. Failure to act on what I knew gave room for what I didn't quite know to thrive within me.
  5. Keep busy - This is a natural follow up to point 4. Honestly, the moment you stop working, you give room for and become a breeding ground for fear, self doubt, procrastination, and other negative thoughts. This is also why you should never quit. You don't want to ever leave room to doubt yourself. Self doubt is as lethal as fear is, if not more, because fear can be external (as in the fear of something) but self doubt draws back to the inside and human beings and internal weaknesses cannot coexist.
  6. People are always watching - refer back to my friends who keep tabs on my newsletter. I didn't think they do. People, both internal and external are watching you, even if they don't tell you. Sometimes, I doubt myself because I feel like the people close to me don't value or acknowledge my work but now I know that this is not the case. They simply may not have the time or don't care enough to comment on my every move. But they are watching. This much I know.
  7. Do good, get good - Initially, I was going to type "Do good, receive good" to allude to what I'd said earlier about receiving the good energy we send out into the world. But let's talk about that word "get" that my keyboard added. To my understanding, "Do good, get good" means just that. Every single time you do something, whether for yourself or someone, your business, work, school, or what have you, you are getting good at that skill and possibly, acquiring a plethora of other skills. Let's rephrase this to Do good, get better!

Ladies and gentlemen, I am not sure if you have been able to visualize the burden I have been carrying these last couple of weeks but I am happy to have offloaded them here, not as burdens, but as lessons. Let it guide you, let it re-assure you, let it give you hope and motivate you. I shared with you my lethal three - laziness, procrastination, fear. Now, go figure out yours, they may be different. 

And make sure you...

...Fight the Lethal Three.


#WeddingWednesday | Memkoh Bridal Box & Styling for the Keviye Wedding

This post has been updated with the challenges I have faced thus far as a wedding stylist. You'll need to understand the journey to appreciate what we did for the KEVIYE wedding.

Helloooooo and Happy first day of June! :)

Today is Wednesday (plus 1). We are going to share with you pictures from a wedding we worked on back in March. But before that, I'll share something with you.




My frustration with the wedding industry - Why is there no space for Wedding Stylists?

The flyer you saw above dates back to August, 2016.

I had spent months and pretty much the entire year working on wedding styling, post after post every Wednesday until I got tired. I did multiple photoshoots with some wedding vendors. Most vendors I had reached out to didn't see the need for a wedding stylist at their shoot. One lady in particular had told me that she styles her shoots. But she is a wedding planner.

You can pause here and look through styled photoshoots on any wedding Instagram page you know. Try Munaluchi or Brides or Bella Naija Weddings. You will rarely ever see a weddings stylist being mentioned as part of the vendors in the shoot. What you'll see is "Dress by...", "Veil by...", "Accessories by...".

This has been our reality for the past few years.

Why was it so hard to get brides to see that they need a stylist?

Why was every wedding planner assuming the role of a stylist thereby making my work a lot harder to approach and convince brides?

Why was the wedding industry so unwelcoming to the idea of wedding styling?

I signed up on website after website, paying as much as $350 sometimes and $50 monthly on websites that promise to get you clients, all to no avail.

Most wedding vendor websites don't even have an option for a wedding stylist in their list of vendors at sign up or on the client end for brides to hire; many of them still don't.

I sometimes signed up as a wedding dress designer, or any category that had a slim reference to fashion until I got tired of it all. Below is a screenshot of a website I recently tried to sign up on to connect me to clients. I had to give up and find my clients another way.

There is in fact no space for bridal stylists in the wedding industry (except high-end celebrity weddings) and I have been trying so hard for years to break into the market serving everyday people and carve a niche for the everyday bride. But they don't want me *tears*.

Evolution of the Memkoh Wedding Styling Service

Three years later, after my first wedding styled shoot in 2014, I have been able to nail a client for my bridal styling services.

Back to that flyer you saw, our Memkoh Bridal Box has truly evolved. From being designed to only provide brides with jewelry and accessories for their big day, we now provide gift boxes with day-of-wedding essentials for the entire bridal party. Of course, the bride and the groom are not left out of this experience.

So even though those three years that felt like a delay, I developed my craft and expanded my portfolio of Wedding Styling services for my clients. You can now get styled right from your engagement shoot to your honeymoon while also taking advantage of the Memkoh Bridal Box.

It has been years of growth and tears. Words cannot express how I felt when my first client, Dr. Abiye sent me pictures from her wedding. Abiye and Kevin have become our number 1 wedding client and their wedding dripped with class and most of all, Timeless Opulence. Her dress was timeless, especially her custom-made reception dress which we provided accessories for. This is a wedding I will always love and I want to thank Kevin and Abiye for letting Memkoh be a part of their day.

P.s. Look at their wedding decor! Isn't it beautiful? What is more beautiful is that we recently switched our website colors to colors in the purple color family because purple symbolizes wealth, royalty and that is everything Memkoh is. It was amazing to see that our first client was a true reflection of our ideals. 

It's not about how long we waited; it's about how well our first client set the pace for hopefully bigger weddings we will work on. 


The KEVIYE Wedding

The KEVIYE Wedding was a blast to work on. We did so much work and it is evident from the pictures you are about to see.

Although we know the bride personally, that doesn't mean it was easy to convince her to hire a bridal stylist. Right from when she was engaged, I told her "I'm here if you need anything for yourself or your bridesmaids". It's never that easy, really, to trust somebody with your wedding past the known wedding planner that everybody hires. This has been the challenge of pushing our wedding styling services but we strongly believe that with time, we will be telling couples "No more appointments available".


This couple entrusted us with much more than just shopping for them. I mainly shopped for the bride and her bridesmaids because thankfully, her groom was as involved as she was, even to the point of getting his outfit sorted by himself. She was confident that he will nail it and he did! This bride is the CEO of L'aviye by the way. She makes gorgeous African print clothing.

Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, here is the bride's review *drumroll* (In my head, this is a speech. LOL)


Review from the Bride, Dr. Abiye, CEO of L'Aviye

‘Bridal box? What’s that ibeg? Who needs one? Biko not me...’

Those were the words in my head whenever I would see a post from @Memkoh. I’m like which bride can’t style herself? Please who needs a bridal box? But boy was I WRONG!

Dear bride to be: planning a wedding is STRESSFUL. Not to mention the sleepless nights as the days go by, doing mental checklists in the early hours of every morning... ‘what have I forgotten..? Have I got everything... gosh what if I have a rip in my dress... what if I forget tissues... oh god I need to remember to pack handkerchiefs...’ this was my life for like 2/3 weeks before the wedding and boy was I glad I have Memkoh! I just called her and said look I have 3 days to find accessories for the 6 looks for my entire wedding! I was scared to even delegate the job cus I’m thinking that’s a lot of work for 3 days..

You see ladies, every bride NEEDS a friend who will MAKE SURE that you have EVERYTHING you need for your big day. Yes you have a MOH but guess what, MOH also has a checklist of things to do... Memkoh came through, boy!
The minute I got my Memkoh box in London all the way from the US, I started jumping like a big kid.. it was like Christmas came early - my shoes, my Jewelry, my accessories.. everything was on POINT! All I had to do was to wait for slay day & SLAY! And boy did I SLAY! I can’t forget the look on hubby’s face - he’s like where’s my Memkoh box? It’s not fair oh... he also called Memkoh and made an order for HIMSELF & his groomsmen. And trust me, hubby has good taste 😉

[Memkoh], I can’t say thank you enough.. for your patience, your encouragement, your passion for what you do but more importantly for making SURE that I SLAYED! And I’ll say this again, boy did I SLAY!

Who needs a Bridal box? Everyone needs a bridal box! Trust me.. It will save you time, energy and stress cus let’s be honest, you don’t want worry lines on that pretty face on SLAY day!

Call Memkoh! You won’t regret it, I promise.
— Abiye CEO, L'aviye

Yes, you read that right. Are you shocked? Are you surprised? Are you still in awe? 

I'm not going to do too much talking.

Wait for the pictures.


How MEMKOH Styled KEVIYE Wedding


Like you read in the bride's review above, we were to provide accessories that complement all 6 of her wedding looks. We shopped for her shoes, jewelry, clutches, earrings, hair clips and other accessories. We even included shape wear for the bride because your wedding day is not the day to run around for control wear. Like this bride, you may not need one but it is highly advisable you check off your list of "just in case" items, which we did for this bride, Dr. L'Aviye. 

More pictures of some of the bride's accessories are at the end of this post.



We created and designed custom gift packages for the entire Keviye wedding party, aka bridesmaids and groomsmen.

The couple had their engagement photoshoot in Paris, that's why we got her bridal box that had Paris on it, since Paris held a special memory for her.

The couple had their engagement photoshoot in Paris, that's why we got her bridal box that had Paris on it, since Paris held a special memory for her.

The bride told me her budget. It was left to me to split it and make it work for all bridesmaids. We got tote bags customized with each bridesmaid's name as well as gift items to relieve any last-minute or day-of-wedding stress. Our Memkoh Box is a pampering and wedding emergency survival kit. We also threw in a box for the bride (shown above). 

She didn't ask for a bridal box quite frankly.

All she wanted was gift items for her bridesmaids but we made 7 gift bags for her bridesmaids and when her groom saw the awesomeness, he requested gifts for his 7 groomsmen as well. In the bride's box, we included a little gift for the groom (not shown).

The couple had their engagement photoshoot in Paris, that's why we got her bridal box that had Paris on it, since Paris held a special memory for her.

The couple had their engagement photoshoot in Paris, that's why we got her bridal box that had Paris on it, since Paris held a special memory for her.

The couple had their engagement photoshoot in Paris, that's why we got her bridal box that had Paris on it, since Paris held a special memory for her.

Our Memkoh Box is a pre-wedding pampering and day-of-wedding emergency survival kit.
— Memkoh
Memkoh Bridal Box Keviye 8973.jpg

We put all her bridesmaids gifts in each bag to make it more compact for shipping abroad...we truly work with you.


Groomsmen Gift boxes

For the groomsmen, we got all their gifts customized, from bottle openers to strings bags and custom shoe horns. The groom knew what he wanted and he gave us the wedding hashtag and wedding date. My job was to ensure that the font, placement and finished products were super!

It is obviously more tricky to get things customized than it is to walk into stores and pick out items for bridesmaids. Everything turned out perfect as you will see below.


Styling the Keviye Wedding Summary

Their wedding was SO beautiful and the couple had a blast! Get ready to swoon over these pictures.


We threw in a gift for the couple - a customized chopping board - as our way of saying thank you for trusting us. This process wasn't an easy walk in the park but the best part of our job in this wedding was seeing the couple work with us! They responded to texts, emails promptly and trust me, communicating with your wedding vendor gets half of the work done, especially when you have 3 days!!!

#KEVIYE2017 was a success and we are happy to have been a part of it. 

Contact us for your Bridal Styling consultation below. If you mention KEVIYE, you'll get 20% off your consultation fee.

Your Stylist,

STYLE | Affordable Opulence to TIMELESS Opulence

You may remember our Affordable Opulence campaign. What was merely a mid-Fall campaign turned into our slogan.

Today, we are making a major change. You see, last year during our scheduled Memkoh Meetup in D.C where no one showed, we came up with "Affordable Opulence" as the tag line for a Memkoh campaign. If you are subscribed to our Newsletter, you probably know all about that and the thought process that went into defining what exactly Affordable Opulence meant and why it was important that we stress the affordability of our services. It extended far beyond our campaign to what we were known for. This isn't changing very much.

We still aim to provide affordable style (or luxury, depending on the size of your pocket). Affordability will never be an issue as we believe you will be willing to spend your money and time on any services that will benefit you. Our array of styling and personal shopping services both for men and for women are not an exception.

For these reasons and more, we will be officially switching from "Affordable Opulence" to "TIMELESS Opulence".

We are now putting an emphasis not on the prices, but on the quality of our services.

Our website home page has had Timeless Opulence on it since the crack of Spring, but we were still toying with the idea to test how it sounds, to see if we really liked it and to know if you were opposed to it (we welcome email suggestions with open arms). We then realized we had been maintaining a split identity by leaving "Affordable Opulence" on our Instagram bio and "Timeless Opulence" on our website homepage. It is time to make it all come together.



When you think of getting shopped for or styled by Memkoh, we don't want you to think of a price tag, we want you to immediately know what you will get from your appointment because there is something timeless about the desire to add value. And that's our aim.

There is something timeless about the desire to add value
— Memkoh

Timelessness and effortlessness are our watchword and we are happy now more than ever to continuously project that in all that we do.

Opulence is an attitude.

Opulence is a way of life.

And if it TIMELESS, it means we are never going back. It means that once you assume the attitude and thinking of being opulent, acting opulent, and living opulently, you cannot settle for less, ever!

Opulence does not make noise. Your life and actions speak for you. In the style sense, your clothes and the way you carry yourself speak for you. 

We hope you love the new us, as we strive to constantly add value around here.



The pictures reflect a second spin of an outfit you've already seen; we styled the white ruffle top from our Spring Lookbook in a second way. Now, that's value and we promise to do more of this.

A pair of pants in bold navy color with muted floral pattern and a ruffle top, (jacket optional) make this the perfect transitional outfit, whether you're at work or out on the town. We particularly love how these pants can be dressed up or down and look forward to take more spins in it. You'll be the first to see the evidence of course ;) 


All Photos are by Gbenga Sogbetun


Thank you to everyone who made this possible, from those who commented on our initial post in the Fall, voting on whether "opulence" was a good choice of words to our two branding expert friends who recently got us thinking hard. Thank you as well to my ladies who voted on what cover image to use to reflect this major change. Our able photographer is not left out of this either; thank you Mr. Gbenga!

To you guys who are always reading and always sharing, we appreciate you all for your support.

Let's add that TIMELESS spin to your style and life, and make it stay forever!

- Memkoh