Silence The Noise - AUTOGRAPHED

Silence-The-Noise-by-Memkoh 0008-2.jpg
Silence-The-Noise-by-Memkoh 0008-2.jpg

Silence The Noise - AUTOGRAPHED


Get an Autographed Copy of "Silence the Noise" by Memkoh. It's a self-help book and an autobiography all in one. Get the scoop below.

What does it really mean to live a good life, to be successful or to be on the path to fulfillment? Is it in waiting for validation or an applause from the world for your every move, or in taking deliberate steps, no matter how small, trusting your journey that it will all add up one day?

Nobody has it all figured out.

However, I have learned from my journey that to be successful, you must take deliberate decisions from the onset, no matter how tough it may be. You must also learn to block out the noise in order to do your best work creatively, and lift your life off the ground. God and noise don't mix. I have come to understand that though there may be billions of people in the world, you are all alone, with God on your side if you let Him. Walking with Him in diligence and reverence will get you to so many places, especially those places that the world does not deem you qualified for.

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