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A New Way to Look at your wedding

Our wedding styling packages are tailored for the bride, the groom and the entire bridal party. We want you to truly enjoy every moment from your engagement, right up to your wedding ceremony by taking the stress off you so you can focus on other things. We will leave no stone unturned until we find pieces that suit your style, your theme and your budget. 

A wedding that fits your budget and your style is the best celebration ever and our unique combination of services offered by an expert stylist helps you to accomplish just that. Memkoh is in a network of highly esteemed wedding vendors via Aisle Perfect, so in addition to working with us, we can refer you to the best vendors and keep your wedding vision streamlined across all boards.


Why you should indulge in the Memkoh Wedding Styling Experience

Bohemian Bridal Inspiration Styled by Memkoh. As seen on Aisle Perfect.

Bohemian Bridal Inspiration Styled by Memkoh. As seen on Aisle Perfect.

  1. Your wedding is a testament of two worlds coming together. Our aim is to make your entire wedding ceremony a true portrayal of both worlds, starting with your outfits.
    We aim to portray both bride and groom's styles in the best, most authentic way possible.
  2. We will guide you away from the noise of trends to what really matters to you so that when you both look back at your wedding pictures, you will love your outfit choices whether it's 2017 or 2030. This will be done by working closely with you to rework any ideas or bits of inspiration you may have.
  3. We make a case for your style and ensure that it is incorporated into your wedding ceremony every step of the way.
  4. We want you to be happy and stress-free (yes, it's possible) in the days leading up to your wedding day.
  5. When you get #StyledbyMemkoh for your wedding, your bridal party will be styled by us. Say goodbye to ill-fitting bridesmaids dresses and oversized suits for your groom/groomsmen.


We provide stellar styling services for the bride, groom, bridesmaids and groomsmen. See Packages.

Note: All wedding services are provided regardless of your location. Our prices are negotiable and tailored to better suit your wedding.

Bride & Maid-of-Honor Styled Shoot. As seen on Aisle Perfect.

Bride & Maid-of-Honor Styled Shoot. As seen on Aisle Perfect.

1. Engagement Shoot Styling and Photography

Pre-wedding photoshoot sessions speak of your fun side. Allow us to handle that before the stress of wedding planning sets in. Let's help you escape to the very first day you met your spouse in pictures and through your outfits.

We will provide:

  • Outfit shopping and coordination for all engagement looks for both bride and groom
  • Outfits Delivered to your doorstep
  • Engagement Photography for up to 3 hours
  • In-home try-on session to see what works and what doesn't.
  • Custom design options available. Just ask
  • Alterations or exchanges
  • Save-the-date website (complimentary)
  • Photo book and digital copies of your engagement shoot

Note: If you have a photographer, we will only handle your styling.
Service offered regardless of your location. Schedule your 30 minute appointment.

2. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen Outfit Coordination

Your bridal party needs to look amazing, as their look is a direct reflection of who you are. Their outfits can also add color to your wedding. We've all seen pictures of bridesmaids looking funny, or groomsmen wearing oversized suits. Say NO to this.

With the help of our expert stylist, we will ensure that your bridal party looks awesome and well coordinated from head-to-toe.

We will style and shop for your entire bridal party - bridesmaids, groomsmen, maid-of-honor, best man, etc. Our sole aim of doing that is to make sure they have a cohesive look that goes with the rest of your wedding theme.

We will provide matching shoes and accessories in any quantity for your entire bridal party.

Be it 3 bridesmaids or 50 groomsmen, we will schedule online or in-person fitting sessions until everything fits. The last thing you want is an unhappy bridesmaid or groomsman. It shows. 

We will also refer you to the best for custom designs for both your bridesmaids and groomsmen.

Lastly, to help you say thank you to the important people in your life, we offer the Memkoh Bridal Box for bridesmaids and Memkoh Groomsmen Favors for groomsmen. Ask about this service when you book.

Can be offered regardless of your location. Schedule your 30 minute appointment.

3. Registry Wedding / Rehearsal Dinner / Bridal Shower Party Styling

You have chosen us for your engagement shoot styling and now you want us to style you for your court wedding, rehearsal dinner or bachelorette party. That's easy. Your court wedding, rehearsal dinner and bachelorette party are as important as your wedding ceremony, even though fewer guests might be in attendance.

Looking your absolute best for your court wedding should not be an option.

We will shop and style for both bride and groom's court wedding, rehearsal dinner and bridal shower/bachelorette party outfits.

We will provide back-up outfit options in case something goes wrong.

If you've had your engagement shoot somewhere else but still need this service, still get in touch. Can be offered regardless of your location. Schedule your 30 minute appointment.

4. Wedding Dress Shopping

Remember your best friends, your aunties, your mum? You don't need an army to go wedding dress shopping with you. Their opinions matter, but not as much as that of your budget, your body and your wedding theme.

Your personal stylist will go wedding dress shopping and attend all fittings with you so you can get that unbiased, professional opinion. Booking trunk shows for you will not be an issue as your stylist will find the best trunk shows in your city for you to attend. We can also make arrangements for a custom tuxedo for your groom

We will make sure that your wedding dress suits you. Having our unbiased professional voice in the room ensures that you are not walking away with a dress you don't like because you are trying to please your friends and your family. You can absolutely count on your stylist for professional wedding dress advice.

Regardless of your location, we are ready to travel to you. Schedule your 30 minute appointment.

5. All-Inclusive Wedding Styling Package: Engagement to Honeymoon

In summary, we can do all the following for you for a one-time fee. 

  1. Styling for engagement shoots, bridal showers, court wedding, traditional wedding, wedding ceremony and honeymoon
  2. Styling and Shopping for bridal party including rentals, custom designs and matching accessories
  3. Memkoh Emergency Bridal Kit and Groomsmen Favors to say thank you and avert disaster
  4. Bridal gown shopping and fittings
  5. Tuxedo rental, bespoke suits and groom's accessories
  6. Full wedding outfit coordination and planning
  7. Save-the-date website with registry fully designed by us
  8. Top notch engagement shoot photography
  9. Referrals to other trusted vendors
  10. Complimentary gifts/styling for mothers of the bride and groom

Your wedding style should be timeless regardless of your theme. We will do just that. 

With this full package, you will be styled from your engagement photoshoot to your wedding and yes, even your honeymoon wardrobe will be on us.

By the end of this process, we will be BFFs and would therefore love to extend a complimentary styling offer for the mothers of the bride and groom.

Can be offered regardless of your location. We are willing to travel. Schedule your 30 minute appointment.


     BONUS: book now & get your save-the-date website fully designed by us!

We want you to show up and enjoy your moment and will happily work with your budget. Contact your Stylist below.