At Memkoh, we equip you with the power to let your style speak

We will take you from 0 to 100 with a Closet overhaul, style edit, image assessment, event shopping, what have you. We've got you covered in all areas of your style and our stylist listens and actually cares about your needs and concerns.

I have used memkoh twice and both times I haven’t been disappointed. I was looking to expand my closet and Memkoh helped me find pieces that are now closet favorites. Another time, I need help styling an outfit and memkoh went above and beyond in making me look fabulous for my event.
— Temi M.

Your Personal Style says a lot about you, but it won't speak unless you give it the ability to. We strive to give your style a voice. With every Personal Styling appointment, we walk you through the many constituents of style, narrowing it down to what elements best reflect your style and shopping for items that best reflect that style.

We will discuss how the core areas of your life (job, activities, family, religion, health, etc.) can impact your overall style and how to better manage those areas to give you more control over your style. Through a one-on-one appointment with your stylist, items in your closet which no longer correlate with your currently redefined style will be thrown out or donated to make way for your new selections.

At the end of your appointment we want you to,

  • emerge a better informed shopper who can work within the constraints of his/her budget at any given time
  • be comfortable with picking styles for yourself
  • stay ahead of trends/not define your style by fickle trends
  • shop better and save money
  • never shop again. You've found your stylist for life!
  • build an impeccable and timeless closet reeking with options
Photo by Floma Photography

Photo by Floma Photography

Make it completely yours

Personal Shopping used to be for celebrities. With our streamlined process and ability to make top-notch selections, you are guaranteed a personal stylist without the hefty price tag. 

Whether you prefer to infuse some elements of street style into your personal style or you much rather prefer to take inspiration from the polished breed, our lead stylist will get you to transcend your style goals.

We do not lend you what's hot, what's popular or what's trending. We give you full control and mobility of your style.

During your appointment, your stylist will create a list of what you need and forward this to you as a ready-to-wear lookbook.

You are also encouraged but not required to share your Pinterest or any inspiration board you may have with your stylist.

Your stylist will then come up with a plan to rework your old items or donate them and finally, the glorious moment you've been waiting! For your convenience, your shopping spree can be fulfilled 100% online via our Virtual Styling option or in-person for 2.5 hours minimum. Extra time will be accommodated as necessary.

Photo by Memkoh

Photo by Memkoh


You will not be given a quiz or compared to runway models/celebrities. Even we know that those magazine models do not exist. Instead, we help you gain confidence in yourself and steer you towards accepting your reality.

Your Personal Shopping and Styling appointment will consist of a Style Chat, a one-on-one 30-45 minute discussion with your stylist to determine what pieces will be added to your closet.

During this call, your stylist will carry out a total analysis of your lifestyle, your persona and other factors that may influence your personal style as described above. We figure out how you spend your money and allot a practical budget to each item you need. 

We teach you how to shop better, and save
To speed up your first appointment, you should have a picture of yourself in your best/favorite outfit and another picture in an outfit that could have used some help.

Understanding where you are coming from, coupled with an honest analysis of your persona will give your stylist a better shot at serving you and delivering the best, most suited styles to your taste and lifestyle. You will NEVER have to shop again because we will always be ready to serve you fresh selections.


Photo by Floma Photography

Photo by Floma Photography

before you book

  • Ensure that you set aside 3 time frames to communicate with your stylist. This will be your Style Chat and it typically lasts 30 or 45 minutes
  • Have a working email for constant communication
  • All appointment fees must be paid before service. Non-refundable deposits.
  • Have all sizing and measurements ready before your appointment to speed up the service.
  • Sit back and get ready for an exciting new closet (and life)

what you get

  • A brand new closet or carefully curated favorites
  • Shopping tips from your expert personal shopper
  • Review of problem areas and how to overcome them
  • Ready-to-wear outfit combinations for special occasions
  • Greater self confidence deeply rooted in a new knowledge about yourself and your lifestyle and how these tie into your overall style
  • Access to a shopping spree with your stylist
  • Access to sales/deals/coupons from your favorite stores

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions any time we deem necessary, in order to improve our services to you.