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A one-time closet overhaul can be daunting but a gradual seasonal update is more feasible. At Memkoh, we believe that the only secret to gradually building an enviable closet is knowing yourself and your budget. Knowing yourself makes you a better person and rids you of the potential to overspend on items that you certainly don't need. Knowing your budget gives you a realistic boundary, a safety net if you will. 

With the Memkoh Box, we don't just give you the items you need. We give your closet a seasonal update and a chance to refresh your style once every quarter (or as frequently as you'd like), all under the constraints of 3 budget options - Starter, Dedicated and Prestige Plans. Yes, we shop on a budget. We will help you save every penny and throw in a few wants as surprises, but your needs will always be our priority. 

The Memkoh Box comes in two forms, the Fall Box and Spring Box. Each of these boxes contain that season's essentials as well as items that will become your closet favorites. You can order boxes as the season progresses, but realistically, you should only need 4 boxes a year. See the box schedule.

Benefits of the Memkoh Box

  1. Keeps you ahead of trends
  2. Makes you stand out
  3. Helps you save / shop on a realistic budget
  4. Builds your closet gradually over time
  5. Refreshes your style seasonally
  6. Provides closet staples and wardrobe favorites
  7. Checks items off your wishlist


Boxes go out once every quarter, 4 times a year. You are highly encouraged to order your boxes a season ahead to get the next season's essentials and closet favorites at unbeatable prices.

Early Bird: January - March
Regular: April - June

Early Bird: July - September
Regular: October - December

Note: You can order boxes as often as you like. No subscription or cancellation needed.


How to order

Choose from one of the plans below. Each plan represents your budget, to aid your stylist stay in line with what you currently have available. 


Priced at $180, the STARTER BOX is easily your first try at the Memkoh Box service. It offers personalized styling at a ridiculously affordable price. Your Starter Box will come with the season's essentials and a few closet staples. With this box, you can choose to receive one full outfit or 3-4 separate items (indicate your preference during your appointment). Your stylist will work with your wishlist but will ultimately decide what is going into your box. 

To get more benefits, see the Dedicated and Prestige plans.

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Priced at $320, the DEDICATED BOX is a step higher than the Clueless Box. With this box, you will receive the season's essentials and several closet staples to match your need and lifestyle. Within 24 hours of your order, you will be sent an email to set up a phone or Skype call with your Personal Stylist to explore your options. In situations where a call is not feasible, an email chat will be scheduled. This is your Style Brief and very few communications with your stylist are allowed to give your stylist the time to focus on creating a box that you will love. Use your Style Chat window to discuss your problem areas or voice the new styles you would like to try. You will get a sneak peek of some items in your box. Thereafter, your stylist reserves the right to fill up your Dedicated Box with other items based on your wishlist. If you have no wishlist, don't worry, we will choose what's best for you. With this box, you will receive a full outfit or 4-5 items plus a surprise.

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Priced at $680, the PRESTIGE BOX is for those who need a bigger closet overhaul than what the Starter and Dedicated boxes can cover. Consider this to be a good mini haul with your attentive personal stylist but without the hefty price tag. For this option, you can choose to receive the season's essentials as well as full outfits for any occasion. Within 24 hours of your order, you will receive an email to set up a phone or Skype call with your Stylist to explore your options. In situations where a call is not feasible, an email chat will be scheduled. This is your Style Chat. Use this Style Chat window to communicate the areas of style that are problematic to you, new styles you would like to try out, what your closet currently looks like and all other concerns you may have as you constantly try to navigate and refine your style. Your stylist will pick styles that best reflect the new and refined you. You will get a sneak peek of some of the styles that your stylist selects and thereafter, your stylist reserves the right to fill up your Prestige Box as needed. In addition to 2 surprises, you will receive either 3 outfits or 6 to 8 separate items, whichever you prefer.

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  1. We are offering this service to you at a far lower rate than the traditional personal styling service. Your stylist keeps 18% of the Starter Box, 20% of the Dedicated Box and 30% of the Prestige Box.
    However, you may choose to pay this Styling Fee separately from your box price. Discuss this during your appointment.
  2. You are advised to have your wishlist ready at the time you order your box or during your first communication with your stylist. This wishlist will guide your stylist to make your selections and items at the top of the list will have the utmost priority i.e. your wishlist will be met in chronological order.
  3. For more personalization options, choose the Dedicated or Prestige options.
  4. If none of these boxes satisfy your closet overhaul budget, see our Personal Shopping service.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions any time we deem necessary, in order to improve our services to you.