Color Edit: Yellow (for Endometriosis)

Yellow is undeniably an amazing color. I like that when you wear yellow, you don't have to do too much. The color in itself is a stand-out/statement piece and if there's anything I live for, it's the ability to speak without having to actually utter a word. Let's get right into it. Actually, no! One more thing.

Read the caption accompanying this image.


Per the title of this post, Yellow is the color for Endometriosis awareness, much like Pink is for BCA (Breast Cancer Awareness). I stumbled on Millen Magese and I admire her courage throughout her battle with endometriosis. To date, she's had about 13 surgeries as a result of this disease. Yes, 13! yet she stands tall and started the Millen Magese Endometriosis Foundation (site is temporarily under construction) to educate women and girls about endometriosis. She's one woman in the limelight that's putting her influence to good use and I admire that.


If you didn't know, endometriosis is when the uterine lining or endometrium grows in places other than the uterus, mostly in the lower abdomen causing severe discomfort and pain. It's not pretty and most women have no idea this pain is not just their regular period pain and that's where the problem lies - lack of awareness. Please learn more about Endometriosis here and support however you can. Seek treatment if you're having period cramps that last longer than usual.

With all that said, here are images from around the web to show you how you can rock yellow this summer to show your support for women living with Endometriosis.

1. Lemons
By Dolce & Gabbana


2. A dress with a tinge of yellow and bold shoes. 
Dress: Yetunde Sarumi | Take 10% off entire store with code MEMKOH


3. A Full Skirt in Yellow and a white lace top. 
Skirt by KTR Collection @officialktr


4. A printed yellow skirt and striped top. 
I want to believe I was walking past Banana Republic in the mall. I've forgotten :/


5. A pleated yellow dress.
Kate Hudon for InStyleMagazine in a dress by Maison Valentino | Photo: GregKadel Studios.
I never posted my trends prediction post for 2016, but pleats are pretty much going to be everywhere soon. It's happening already.


6. A statement gown with rufflessssss.
Keke Palmer in a dress by Winnie Couture. Styled by OloriSwank.


7. A classy yellow jumpsuit
Designer: Toju Foyeh. It's so perfect in yellow!


8. A yellow buba and iro set.
By Deola by Deola Sagoe


9. Try a 'mellow' yellow dress with one small statement cut.
Dress by Romona Keveza


10. Men's Look with a bold blazer and yellow pants.
Designs by Martin Kadinda


11. Yellow pants juxtaposed with tan jacket.
Designs by Martin Kadinda


12. Tall, dark and...
Yellow Designs by Martin Kadinda


13. Or you can try a mustard yellow dress with embroidery.
Dress by Nicolas Jebran


Now for your fave bloggers

1. Simplycyn


What was your favorite look? Leave a comment and don't forget to show your support. Tag #yellowforendo, #MemkohforEndo and #endometriosis whenever you wear an outfit with yellow. The goal is to get people talking about this disease so that while we are waiting for a cure, we can at the very least educate women about it and arm ourselves with tons of resources. :)

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Look out for a follow-up post with yellow items you can shop. See here.