That Jeans Chic

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I'm not sure I've posted too many looks in a pair of jeans here. It's probably because I wear them so much that they've sunk to the bottom of my basics list. But this look was different. I intended to wear it with a skirt I bought in Lagos. However, as I walked to my photoshoot location, the cold confirmed that jeans would be a better fit.

I can tell you one thing about this photoshoot - it was my first time shooting on the streets with so many people around me. At first, I was super shy; really really shy. But you know what they say about a comfortable, chic outfit = a truck-load of confidence! I strutted up and down the streets, receiving loads of compliments as the shutter went off. I even invited a lady who was walking by to "photobomb" my shoot. Nah! We actually posed for a picture together :)

This entire shoot meant so much to me. We sometimes get so comfortable with our online presence that we forget to interact with people one-on-one (it's why I started organizing the monthly Memkoh meetups by the way). So if you're a blogger reading this, don't ignore the influence you can get while on the streets. Call it street cred or whatever you want, but those people you smile to and say thank you to while doing your photoshoots can give you the stamp of approval (humanity) you can never get online. I also realized my outfit was loved by these people because it was 100% wearable, as in, the people passing by could take a screenshot in their memory and dress along these lines...easily! Instead of the super complicated, overly fashion-forward looks bloggers tend to try where each piece is $200 and up. Wearability + Affordability = 100% happy audience. Noted!


Spotted this really cute confectionery store around the corner and since this look is somewhat intended for a relaxed Valentine's Day look, I thought it would be fun to shoot in the store. It's called Kilwins and everything is handmade to perfection. The store is super cozy and of course, I needed some warmth after shooting in the cold for so long. Thank you to the staff at Kilwins for being so warm and receptive to letting me shoot in there.

I could have photoshopped my face and made it smooth for the pleasure of your viewing. But what is ACCEPTANCE?


Jeans: H&M | Coat: PixieMarket | Shoes: Christmas Gift from my client <3 | Necklace: Forever21 | Earrings: Charlotte Russe

Everything's pretty affordable but looks expensive, right? That's Memkoh!
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