STYLE | Styling a White Off-Shoulder Dress with Yellow Heels

Happy Saturday!

You knew I was going to do a post with yellow, right? See my Color Edit on yellow earlier on in the season. 

I think my summer just started!

I want to talk a bit about the scarf on my head. I, like many other Africans call this a scarf, not a head wrap. That's how we refer to it as in our culture, save for the elaborate occasion head pieces we name by region. For example, the Yoruba's in Nigeria call theirs gele. In my tribe, we call it Mbob Iwod or afong iwod and so on, for respective tribes. Coming to a place where this culture has been almost taken apart and given another name cue the name - head wrap is a little confusing and sometimes annoying. So...

No!, I'm not a Nubian queen or an African goddess or an African princess like head wrap sellers & pages will make you believe. I just had a bad hair day and grabbed a scarf. Period! Or maybe I felt like tying a scarf on my head. Don't buy into narratives that are not true just to be a part of the hype.
I'll show you the initial look with an ankara maxi skirt, worn to a baby shower. Shot this the next day :)


You know I don't like trends, but when I saw this dress, I knew I had to have it. Plus, I had told myself earlier on in the summer that I would try out some trends for my audience. So although I try to stay far away from trends, here is my take on Summer 16's hottest trend, the off-shoulder. 

Why did I choose a white dress?
White is everything you need for summer, so if you've not grabbed yourself a white dress, or a pair of white jeans, or a white top to say the least, please do so before the season runs out. Don't worry about it getting stained. That's a bit irrelevant, compared to the joy you'll have while wearing it.

I paired my white dress with a pair of yellow sandals for edge. Plus, I've had my sandals sitting for a while (since May; it's August) so I had to show it some love.

I hope you loved this post. Here's some outfit info to get you shopping.

Dress: Contact me | Shoes: No longer available! | Bag: JustFab | Lipstick: ABH Vintage

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- Memkoh