My Fall Story

As it gets colder, our chills will be made imminent in a transition from powder to cobalt blue.Yellow, one of my favorite summer colors, will transition to mustard and my least favorite color, red, will give way to a beautiful, rich burgundy. Generally, hues will become darker and we will embrace them all, with a room for occasional brights.

In the pattern-sphere, we will play with plaid, houndstooth (dog-tooth), and of course, the classic black and white stripes.

Textures such as leather will take center stage, accompanied by a few furry friends here and there. Mind you, faux leather and faux fur are very much available to us who can't afford the real deal.

Structure and geometry can never be left out of the picture because there are few things more beautiful than hanging a piece of architecture-inspired clothing in your closet.

One thing I can assure you is that the weather will get dull over the coming months but we will never have a dull moment.

Enjoy the new season and stay tuned! Hope you love the new layout too. They say, "Change is Good".

Be well, Memkoh