STYLE | Memkoh x Folu Ajayi: 12 Days of Fashion

Let's rewind to the early beginnings of Memkoh.

There was this young lady on Instagram, who not only "liked" my pictures often, but became really involved with my page up to the point where she made illustrations of some of my outfit sets (without me soliciting). I was so happy every time she uploaded a #MemkohInspired look. That was the hashtag at the time (check it out). Oh, how time flies!

We have become pretty cordial over the year and during one of our recent discussions, this collaboration idea came up. I think I was telling her how bored I was of making outfit sets that seemed lifeless and she responded with this amazing solution that has literally lifted my spirits. It took me a while to get around to styling the sets but once we both cranked down on this project and she sent her first rendition, I became alive.

This designer-illustrator genius, Folu Ajayi, has not only mastered her craft but is constantly perfecting those strokes. I too have become a lot better with my outfit creating techniques, though I battle with consistency as I get easily bored and uninspired when I do the same thing repeatedly. I'm working on that. I know it cannot always be rainbows and unicorns like this collaboration was but I'm going to take a lesson from Folu who does a great job of sharing her behind-the-scenes moments. It is really inspiring to see how much her work has changed over the year. A year? Let's make that over the last 2/3 months as I noticed she recently changed her technique. I deliberately threw in a good amount of detail in each look to make her sweat a little but her finished illustrations surpassed my expectations. Folu delivered each of the looks you'll see less than 24 hours after I sent them.

Thank you Folu for this collaboration idea and for teaching me a lesson about consistency. To any fellow creative reading this, sometimes, you'll get bored and uninspired, stop your craft for a while and realize when you get back that it's even harder to catch on to the climb than it would have been to keep climbing (my experience). I hope to keep styling, no matter how redundant things get. (So, help me God).

You can also see her designs here. I featured her after she won the Zinkata Red-Carpet Design Challenge.

The Looks - #4WaystoWear a Tube Dress

Main piece: Flower Dress by Wolf and Badger.

Look 1:

Look 2:

Look 3:

I remember when I sent Folu this look, I titled it "Overkill" and when she sent her sketch back to me, she said "Here comes Overkill". I loved this process :)

Look 4:

Thank you for loving this post (we know you did). Keep checking back for the rest of the looks in our "12 Days of Fashion" Series.

-Memkoh x FoluAjayi

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