Thinking Aloud: #Lifeless

Right after posting a midday inspiration on my Instagram page (@memkoh), I stumbled on some older ones I'd shared. This "Thinking Aloud: #Lifeless" post got me and I almost screamed my brains off! Nah! More like I snapped my fingers as I got to the end.


You say you love wearing black,

my black,

the same black as the color of my skin.

But you don't love me,

why is that?

You say black is opulent,

looks effortless,

looks chic.


why don't you look at me with those same eyes of opulence?

Oh, I see.

You only love Black...

when it hangs on your body, lifeless!

*Compared to the version I shared on Instagram, I edited the last line because I'm avoiding using the adverbial form of this word. Let's stick with adjectives :P

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- Memkoh