5 Casual Date Night Looks to Try this Summer

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July was a bit slow on our blog but we are speeding up this August.

In this post which is a continuation of 5 Classy Date Night Looks, we will visit some casual looks perfect for a summertime date night.

5 Casual Date Night Looks to Try this Summer

In this post, you just might see more than 5 looks ;)

Look 1: The Romper

Grab a romper and run. It's the easiest antidote to not having anything to wear for a casual date.


Look 2: The Off-Shoulder Dress and Lace-up Chunky Heels

Everybody is overdosing on off-shoulder right now. Play with colors and accessories to add funk to your overall look.


Look 3: Denim on Denim with a Splash of Color

There is only one way to know for sure if you share the same interests as your significant other. If denim isn't one of them, scrap him or her.


Look 4: The Mini Skirt and Blazer Combo

If you have not tried pairing a mini skirt and a blazer, you are sleeping on several bicycles. I'm about to make this my signature.


Look 5: Picnic Boss

If it's a picnic, you will melt his heart with this look.

See full look here

See full look here


Look 6: Striped Dress and Heels

Date night can put pressure on you. Don't forget to take a pair of flats to switch out of those heels.

See full look here

See full look here


Looks 7: Shorts and a Cami

Loose shorts are super cute and pairing it with a cami like mine ramps up the hotness factor.


BONUS Look: Print Skirt and White Tee

A white tee is underrated for women but there is so much beauty in mixing a white tee with a print skirt or a simple pair of jeans.


What do you think? Which outfit are you more likely going to wear if you were to go on a casual date? Leave a comment and don't forget to check out the 5 Classy Date Night Looks post as well.

- Memkoh