#MenswearMonday: Jason Porshe Kairos & Chronos 2016 Recap

If you've been on my blog long enough, you would know that I met Jason Porshe over the Christmas break during the Memkoh Meetup, Lagos. As such, we all got to share our plans for the upcoming year and as one of the creatives in attendance, Jason Porshe revealed to us in snippets what his 2016 Collection was going to be about. Now months after its release, the Kairos and Chronos Capsule Collection by this brand remains one of my favorites till date.

It reflected the artistic maturity of the designer. The color choice for the men's pieces was great, as was the bold choice of predominantly red and black for the women's pieces.

I feel that a man should dress to impress, I feel that a man could dress how he wants to be addressed'
- Jason Porshe

According to the designer who drew 'Kairos' and 'Chronos' from ancient Greek mythology, the collection allowed him to tell a story centered around time. With Kairos, the Jason Porshe brand challenges the notion of masculinity by answering questions such as "What does it mean to be a man today? How can men consciously express their masculinity without becoming cold or closed-hearted on the one hand… or wimpy and emasculated on the other? What’s the most loving way for a conscious man to express himself?" With Chronos however, the brand tackles head on the happy and sometimes gloomy side of relationships. In the brand's words, "Most of the time it's love (RED),... rosey at first till you meet the pain (BLACK) that comes with being in love...you begin to have expectations and most times you end up hurting your own self".

I used to be an Emotionally Tormented Artist but then I turned my nemesis into wearable art & it felt good.
— Jason Porshe

Enjoy the rest of the collection below (click each picture to expand).