#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: Replication vs. Inspiration 

 There is a thin line between Replication & Inspiration, one that way too many people cross. Let's talk about it. What's the difference between these two forms of artistic expression? And at what point can we sufficiently say someone has crossed that borderline i.e. At what point do we scream "bullshit" and issue someone a red card for knowingly replicating someone's work without attribution?. Inspiration: I recently saw a magazine feature of one of the designers I've exposed here for replicating another designer's work, "word for word". In that article, she was praised for being a "top designer" of a best selling piece that wasn't her original idea. Lifting elements of one's design is one thing; lifting an entire design without credit is another. How do we condone these things?

Let's talk!

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