Guest Article | Love Unconditionally. Diana M

Here's a moving piece on loss, love and the lessons in between. 

Original Image via Unsplash

Original Image via Unsplash

Love Unconditionally

an end to life
a loved one lost
nothing more real, yet unreal
hurtful and the same time confusing
such feelings, unexplainable
one event
a thousand and one emotions
none more right than the other
all acceptable of course

a loved one lost
is a wake up call
forgive quickly love unconditionally

by: Diana M
Connect with her on her blog: Reverberating Thoughts

What did you think of the article? 

I interpreted the lack of a full-stop / period at the end of the last word "unconditionally" as a reminder as to how infinitely our love should extend to our loved ones... and beyond.

How have you dealt with the loss of a loved one and how can you encourage our guest author? Please share in the comments section.

Thank you again, Diana! (:
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