#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: Why Women Stay in Bad Relationships


I still need answers to this week's #TalkTuesday question for a video I'm going to make on the issue. See below. Whether we like to admit it or not, relationships form a huge part of our lives - families, workplace, businesses, friendships, everything is based on a relationship of some sort.

At the grassroots of these relationships is the basic symbiotic relationship between a man and a woman.

It's not rare to see either party remain in a relationship that's going south. But in honor of women's month, we'll be looking at the women's side of things.

Why is it that most women remain in unhealthy, parasitic relationships? (remember, I said relationships are meant to be symbiotic).

Suggest a few reasons that keeps women attached to these men who are up to no good in their dealings with said woman. Be practical with your response because next week, you'll return to provide solutions to those problems you've listed. e.g. If you say in today's discussion that the woman stays for financial security, next week, come back and leave tips on how the woman can ensure she's more financially stable. etc.

Ideally, you should return next Tuesday preferably to my Instagram page (@Memkoh) to give solutions to the reasons you've listed. I'll collate all responses in a video.

I look forward to your awesome responses & suggestions. Memkoh