Guest Article | Why I want to get married...the ridiculous bits no one says

You know Wednesdays are now reserved for weddings, #WhimsicalWednesday or #WeddingWednesday. But before that change, Wednesdays used to be for guest articles. I loved it. I enjoyed reading other people's work and sharing them on my page. I loved having this space as an avenue to fuel not just my creativity, but my peers and anyone who reaches out. I want it to go back to that, so please email me your articles, poems, etc. on any topic -

This article makes me jump inside because it combines everything I've said above concerning wedding inspiration and guest articles on Wednesdays. I collaborated with a young, witty lady, Abiye Braide. Years ago, we had our little tagline "It's us against the world" and who knew this would be one of those moments? I can't recall how this idea came about, but she shared something (obviously ridonkulous) on Snapchat and as a fellow ridonkulous being, I reached out to her saying "yoooooo!...bla bla bla", and she obliged. I intended for BellaNaija to pick up this article for Valentine's Day, and emailed them ahead. But hey, I have my platform too, right?

Ok... here goes. Enjoy the ridiculousness and add yours in the comments section. :D


Why I want to get married. The ridiculous bits no one says Abiye Braide x Memkoh

  1. To have someone unpack the chicken and stick it in the freezer. 8 out of 10 times, my chicken goes bad because I always think I'll make it the next day. I need someone that will understand this never happens and head straight to the freezer...and be willing to thaw it when I'm ready.
  2. Folding Laundry! You know when you are paying electricity bills so that wash, iron fold routine you learned in high school can’t fly anymore? Yh. You need someone to do the folding while you do the washing. What is division of labor again?
  3. and how about this, imagine you're walking around mid day and suddenly something falls out your pocket! You bend to pick it up and gbam! Agonizing itchy pain! Remember that area on your back your hands couldn't reach when you were rubbing cream on your body! It has come back to haunt you. We all need an extra pair of hands for those hard to reach areas.
  4. oh! How about grocery shopping and attempting to carry all the bags in one trip? #fitfam #myOnlyExerciseForTheDay.
  5. personal chauffeur, because I am one for naps during long car rides. You can't really nap when you're driving yourself you know 🙁
  6. as a foodie, it’s nice to always have an extra plate to eat off. 😏 "I love you baby!!!"
  7. how do you get out of plans you made when you were excited but don't feel like it anymore 😫😩😖 blame it on the hubby *shrugs* or even his parents visiting, or his brother’s birthday. You get the point right? Multiple excuses *Amen*
  8. Last night’s weather forecast included a high chance of breakfast in bed. Especially ideal for those lazy Saturday mornings when you can’t seem to crawl out of bed. Reward? Lots of “tossing and turning” for the rest of the day. Oh wait! You had other plans? 7 has got you covered.
  9. you want to take a full picture of your outfit but you don't have a full mirror? Or a selfie stick? No worries, the Mr. can be your personal photographer. (Lowkey, every “#ootd star” is married to, or dating a photographer. *sips zobo*)
  10. Please what is a grocery shopping list when you can just ask bae to be your reminder? Best part? You get home, realize something wasn’t bought and it’s on bae to do the rest of the shopping. Imagine when you would have made that grocery store rerun yourself? Mba, dazz not life!
  11. Another major key, having extra clothes! Because not every time sexy night gown! Sometime off bra and slip into the Mister's big tee shirts. #ComfortOverSexy if we're being honest *sips more zobo*

Thanks everyone for reading. Go and get yourself a bae / hursbarnd / wifeyyy...for the right reasons o! #SeizetheRing2016

Abiye Braide x Memkoh

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