#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: Dealing with Depression


Hi hi,

For tonight's discussion which has already begun on the 'gram, we are exploring depression, specifically how one can better deal with depression. If you've not noticed or been told before, it's the unsuspecting ones among us who seem so happy (and without any troubles) who are really dying on the inside.

This topic was suggested by an avid contributor and I'm really grateful that she reached out to request this topic.

She shared that a fellow student recently committed suicide as a result of depression. You've certainly heard of one or many similar incidences. Let's not wait till we lose someone dear to take action and change our mindset on issues surrounding depression. Please leave your comments below on how one can better handle depression when you have no clue as to who you can confide in and how to do so. Thank you again to the lady who suggested this topic.


Sound off in the comment box below and stay tuned for my final video on this issue. To submit a topic, email submissions@memkoh.com

Till next time... take good care of yourself and smile at someone. It can make their day.
- Memkoh.