#TalkTuesday Recap: Raising Boys


Raising Boys is an issue that has always interested me because when I see a problem, I look beyond the problem and try to find the roots. Gathering from my conversations with friends on boys/men/guys and my observation, I have drawn a conclusion that if parents could crank down on their boys as much as they did their girls, we would have one less boy trouble to deal with. Men would know how to act on a general sense and with their women. They would know not to say things like "all women are cranky" because they obviously cannot say that to their mother. They would remember they were raised by a woman as much as a man (hopefully) when they decide that a woman has no place in society and should earn less than a man. I can go on and on but I won't because the 2 minutes 58 seconds video below covers it all.

The conversation went down last week and you can see the responses here, but I want this to be an ongoing topic so please discuss it in your private time and leave a comment if you care to share your opinion.

Thank you for journeying with me. Memkoh


Add on: I hope you enjoyed this video. If you are wondering why I targeted mothers specifically, all I've known all my life is how to be a woman so before I can suggest how a man can be a better father, I have to check myself to ensure I can be a better mother. You also know that biologically, men are more inclined to build stronger bonds with their mothers than their fathers. So why can't we use that soft spot to mould our sons instead of letting it be their remote control to get away with bad behavior and social vices.

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