Thanksgiving Look 1

Hello Hello, With today being Thanksgiving Eve, it will be nice to show you a few outfit suggestions. I really have just 2 - the one you're about to see tonight and another that'll be up tomorrow, technology-willing.

Remember when I put up a post that was supposedly my last outfit post? Well, I was done taking pictures. I figured pictures were effective, but certainly not as effective as videos are. So in a bid to get you to see how these clothes move when worn, I will be making outfit videos from time to time. No, they won't be as often as my blog posts used to be because I'm not a Style blogger anymore. I'm a Stylist and with being a stylist comes the need to share inspiration for seasons and events, just what I will be doing from now on. See, I told you I wasn't really gone. Unfortunately, I didn't know how to explain this back when I received so many inquiries on why I "stopped" posting. Well, I hope you're jumping out of your seat now :)

This look was easy to pull together - a dress, coat and heels in a pop of color. It is my idea of an ideal dinner look this winter. It is practical (hello college girls that go partying without coats) and stylish at the same time. Speaking of coats, I have acquired so many new ones I'm excited to share with you. My last winter was spent in Texas that's why I barely had winter-ish looks that Fall/Winter. But we're baaacccckkkkk to the chills! I'll tell you a quick story about my hair. I was going to get something done before this shoot but my bank account said a resounding no! So I pulled my hair up/back and as I did, I remembered an old high school style that was for the "big girls". Now you know I wasn't one. I bumped up my hair, smoothed it with some mousse, secured it with bobby pins and I was set to roll. If you have finer hair, you will need to tease your roots so the bump will hold its own.

As you saw, that first video was a struggle! There's no other way I can better describe what took close to a week of trial and error. I used multiple software but they all had glitches. For example, last weekend I stayed up till 5am, finished editing and woke up to see that my exported video had a huge watermark on it and the non-watermarked version cost about $40-$50. Who was paying that? My movie maker on Windows crashed severally, and after updating my iPad for the first time in a year and deleting pictures and apps that made that update possible, then came the issue of how to get my video from drive to iMovie. It wasn't saving to my iPad, it wasn't transporting to imovie. I woke up this morning and kept trying. Deleted some more pictures and apps, fixed the issue of rotating my video with a simple Google search and viola, my video was cut in half. Great! So I made a quick preview that I shared on Instagram then went back to movie maker and here's the result.

A lot of setbacks happened and the only reason I'm sharing this is to get you to appreciate those vloggers you know - your faves and your least faves - because either way, blogging, vlogging, video editing is a ton of work!. I hope you like this video, albeit blurry. It was my millionth first attempt at editing and my friend's first attempt at shooting a video with her camera. Oh and I will try to keep my videos really short. I made this one to last the entire duration of the song because I love this particular song and Bryson Tiller's tunes. He is not really out there (yet) but his work is amazing so give him a try. If you don't know anything about me, know that I am one with the underdogs. Some of us don't want to be mainstream.

Now, the pictures we're used to...




I'm so glad this post is finally up. If you want to catch my behind-the-scenes moments, follow my Twitter account @Memkoh.

Dress: sold out \ Shoes: Aldo \ Coat: Amazon