Memkoh x Folu Ajayi: The Breast Cancer Edition 

As you saw in the first post in this series, I collaborated with FAI - Folu Ajayi, a Nigerian designer (owns House of Dabira) and illustrator. So you already know what to expect, don't you? Awesomeness!Our story, although coming in November instead of October, is simple - frequent Breast Cancer Awareness.

I got worried initially that we were going to churn this out in November. Folu re-assured me, saying "It's awareness eh? I hate the notion of restricting it to a month..." The night before, I had taken to my Instagram page to share this:

Breast Cancer Awareness. 🎀

Those we think "lost" to this ugly disease did not really lose. They just decided to choose their battles carefully and this? This became too trivial a battle for for them. So they "lost" to Breast Cancer and gained peace in the Lord. #WeStandbyYou #Warriors #Survivors 💄🎀💞

So there, Folu and I were in sync.

It's a little sad how all of a sudden, no one is wearing pink, no pink ribbons are flying around social media posts and the whole world has "moved on" from raising awareness for breast cancer. There's a woman who doesn't know she's walking around with Stage X of this disease, and another who has no one to hold her hands as she is rolled out for mastectomy...tomorrow? At the end of this post is a link to a very valuable resource for at risk women / all women.

The Lookbook. 

Look 5: Folu surprised me with this one. When she sent the first set back, I spotted a familiar "face". Find out who's who at the end of this post.

Look 6:

Look 7: Look 8: "99 Problems" but we refuse to let breast cancer be one of them.

Everyday should be an awareness for this beast.

The "familiar faces", in order:

  1. Stella Uzo of @jadorefashion
  2. Chinelo of @mystyleoasis
  3. Soraya of @styleismything
  4. Fisayo of Mirror Me @fisayolonge

Women fighting Breast Cancer, we stand by you. Here's a great resource every woman should know. 

Memkoh x Folu Ajayi