Mem in Black


Have you ever seen me in an all black outfit before? Probably once for my birthday photo shoot last year and I looked extremely uncomfortable. It's just not my thing. However, this week, I found myself in all black as I was dressing up for an evening meetup with my friends. I knew I had to stop by the Biscuit Wall to take pictures but it was too dark so I did a retake then combined the photos. IMG_8975-2

Hope you like them. And to my friends YB and Thelma, I bet you are happy to see me in all black. In case you didn't guess, that's their default and I can't blame them. It looks pretty awesome when done right. Enjoy! :)

DSC_0213-3IMG_8888-2  IMG_8911IMG_8910 DSC_0204-2   IMG_8913-2

Oh and I switched up my clutch to give this a pop of color, a very Memkoh thing to do. ;)

IMG_8933-3 IMG_8927-2 IMG_8936 IMG_8921IMG_8968-2

Top: H&M \ Jeans: Levi's \ Trench Coat: Topshop \ Shoes: ShoeDazzle \ Black Clutch: Forever21 \ Green Striped Clutch: ShopMemkoh