Recycled Leaders

I am convinced that my country, Nigeria is now suffering from a syndrome called "Recycling Leaders". Our just concluded Presidential Elections got so much attention worldwide. I thought this would mean more transparent voting practices and less glitches. So it seemed, and I applaud the efforts by our media to publicize the election proceedings in real time but the hours to the final announcement indicate some flaws that have been craftily covered up. In the end, my greatest dissatisfaction remains that a man who I learned about in primary/elementary school Social Studies (history) class emerged the winner of the elections. Clearly, ruling Nigeria from December 1983 to August 1985 during Nigeria’s wave of Military Rule was not enough. It is 2015! I’ll let you do the math.

Prior to the election days, a lot of talk about “Change” was in the air.

The desire for change primarily comes from a widespread understanding that the state of things in the country leaves a lot to be desired. As such, it is no wonder that as soon as someone carved out the slogan “Change is Coming” for the winning party’s campaign, Nigerians clung on to this fickle promise of change, never minding what kind of “change” this might be, while conveniently ignoring this leader's track record of leadership.

Elementary speaking, (because majority of Nigeria’s problems stem from elementary issues), I think it is sad that instead of the “political grandfathers” to mentor and in a sense oversee the current wave of leaders, they are assuming power themselves. I will liken this entire scenario to teaching a baby how to walk sans a walker. You start out positioned in front of the baby, walking backwards until you ensure that they vaguely understand how to put one foot in front of the other. Then you progress to taking steps with the baby side-by-side. After repeatedly doing these two, you eventually let the baby practice how to walk. Ten out of ten times, every baby falls. It is through these failures that the said baby learns to get up and walk but as a parent/guardian, you don’t stand too far off. You laugh when they struggle to get back up, you rush to their aid if a tumble is in view and you cheer them on when they take those first few steps, unaided.

This is what I expected of President Muhammadu Buhari and all other leaders that we have been recycling for the past decades - to step aside and let a new generation of leaders in.

But like I always say, our government is not up to half of the problem; we are. For constantly accepting leaders that are imposed on us (there were 14 candidates but you only ever heard of 2), for recycling our leaders and for putting all our hopes in these leaders. The joke is really on us and the sooner we realize that, the better for our economy. Regardless, I wish our new President the best of luck in power. Please prove me wrong and make this change people believe you carry a reality. #NoPressure