Know Your Colors

This longline Chartreuse coat was up for sale earlier this year on my Poshmark closet. I eventually took it down for reasons I'm not sure of. Let's just say it had to happen for the sake of this outfit - a chartreuse skirt (lime green in regular human language) paired with an emerald green pencil skirt, a sweet pair of T-strap pumps and and African print rope necklace I made in contrasting colors. memkohpart1-4

Do you remember this blazer from my Longline Glow post? It's quite funny how my friends always tease me of having too many clothes. Yes I am constantly shopping but no, I do not have that many clothes *pinky swear*. The truth is that I recycle my clothes, making them look new every time. Before you glance at the pictures, take a look at these other outfits: Pencil Me In and this Flashback post. Do you see what I mean? I'll have a new section on my blog by next week called "Repeat Offender" so you too can adopt these skills. :)

memkohpart1-5 memkohpart1-2 memkohpart1-3memkohpart1-6

In low light, this blazer still looks gorgeous, as pictured above.


Skirt: Custom Made. See Modcloth, Choies || Black tee: H&M || Longline blazer: ASOS || Shoes: JustFab || Necklace: TheAfricanFascinatorEmail to pre-order.

That's it for now. Know Your Colors :)

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