#TalkTuesday with Memkoh: Finding space for "Another"


Hello #TalkTuesday readers,

I'm yet to get a contribution to this series on my blog and I would very much love to see some participation at this end. If you would rather join the bubbly Instagram crew, follow me @memkoh and be on the lookout for this series, every Tuesday.

Today's question was submitted by an avid reader and friend. This is a question that plagues many and has at least run through your mind at least once. It is totally relatable and I cannot wait to discuss the responses with my friend to see how they have helped or shaped her new perspective. I said "new perspective" because that is the mission of this series: To make you walk away with a new perspective or a deeper understanding of your perspective on the subject matter.

Ok that's all for now. Let's get right into it. :)

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