Leather Heart

I wear my heart on a dress, with a leather-like jacket (you'll make sense of that statement as you scroll) :) A leather jacket is the last thing I pictured in my closet. Or so I thought until I ran into this blue-black leather-like jacket hiding in the men's section at Express (it's a good thing I'm never afraid to stroll through the men's section). I picked it up and my friend nodded. It was a yes but my account was saying it was a no. For fear that it would sell out, I hid it behind other things (yes, I do this too) then eventually stopped by again to buy it.

To dress up a leather jacket, you can either go with the jeans and top route or with a skirt, top and combat boots for maximum biker chic look. I wore my jacket with a dress and this look is perfect for casual outings like happy hour or slightly dressier gatherings like church, both of which I've worn this outfit to. I present to you my third fit in this look.

IMG_0039 IMG_0014 IMG_0139 (1)IMG_0042


IMG_0015 (1) IMG_0074 (1) IMG_0042IMG_0057

"I wear my heart on a dress, with a leather-like jacket." Get it now?

IMG_0020 (1)IMG_0013

Dress: Gift (H&M) Jacket: Express Shoes: JustFab Tights: NY&C Bag: Express Bracelet: Express (Ok I need an award from this store. lol) Nail polish: Sally Hansen 365 Vigorous Violet. You can see it clearly here.

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