Jumpsuit Perfection


Jumpsuits! Jumpsuits!! You'll see me in these a bit more often. I can't seem to have enough of how easy and free-flowing jumpsuits are on the body and with the many cuts, fits and colors they come in, I'm so eager to try some more. Generally, jumpsuits are well suited for formal, semi-formal and even casual outings. You'll know a casual jumpsuit from a dressy one but even the most casual jumpsuit can be dressed up with a blazer or like my friend and blogger, YB recently did, a poncho here. I wore this to my friend's graduation in December (with red pumps and a burgundy purse). If you don't own a jumpsuit but would like one, email me at consult@styledbymemkoh.com or book your personal shopping appointment here.

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IMG_0186 (1) Jumpsuit: Missguided (I'm having a moment with this store; bear with me :) ) Shoes: Express Purse: Charming Charlie Bracelet/Ring: Express Earrings: H&M