Powder Blue - New Year's Day

This post has been crying to get out. I spent New Year's Day with some old friends. It was truly fun sounding like broken records during karaoke and stuffing our faces (till my lipstick was completely wiped off) at dinner. I had been craving hot pot all holiday, so much that when my friend, Onyeka visited, we went to a smaller restaurant that served food in hot pot style. Mongolian Hot Pot remains the best!


In My Fall Story, I included Powder Blue as one of the colors you'll see on me. I think it's a really nice, cool color and a great distraction from the dark fall/winter colors. Even though people are not huge on pastels in the winter, I couldn't take my eyes of this coat. Like I typically do, I stalked this coat from September to November. I think Missguided had a pretty good deal that made me give in. ALWAYS wait for the deals! I hated it when it arrived. Selling it was a disaster. Returning it was going to be headache. So I hung it up. One morning, I woke up with a bit too much energy, wore it with my booties and started dancing (blame Onyeka's presence). That was when I fell in love with this cocoon coat I would rather call "towel". IMG_1944

Styling this coat for a Ladies Night Out was pretty easy. A colorful long top, faux-crocodile skin leggings, flats and shoulder bag did the trick. I wore heels then changed to flats because I knew we planned for a super relaxed night. Oh and these bright colors in my outfit show how fed up I am with Winter. I hate this gloominess that somehow seeped into my mood (see previous post "I Worry Too...a lot"). *folds arms and protests like a child*




And now for how I would have styled this outfit with heels.

IMG_2017 IMG_2022

IMG_2065 IMG_2283 IMG_2291 IMG_2218

IMG_2052 IMG_2044 IMG_2084IMG_2112 IMG_2070 IMG_2167

IMG_2235 IMG_2228 IMG_2251


Coat: Missguided || Top: Boohoo || Leggings: H&M || Heels: JustFab || Purse: Forever21 || 2nd earrings: Charlotte Russe

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