Current State of All

A mad man is on the runLosing all his goods, taking every turn. The Grim reaper has waged a war Planting seeds of pain and suffering. Latching on to wretched souls, saved alike. We are on our knees kissing the earth our deity, because this evil is here to stay. Fearless of human dominance over the earth. Slaying kings, subjects and the common man. With peace ordained on the premise of wealth and power, Life is now assured on the sanity of the entity. While we discriminate, this madman tightens his grip. Devouring by the pound, an insatiable 'a ferocious' appetite. The coffins aren’t ready but the funerals have begun for our fallen soldiers, laying waste their remains, Humans like us rendered powerless by an insane monster.

By: George Eno