Ying Yang: YB x Memkoh

She probably got a hint that I'll be featuring her in tonight's postwhen I posted this picture on Instagram.

Memkoh x YBYB x Memkoh

This is not a collaboration...yet. Two weeks ago, we posted pictures in all white and all black ensembles. It was totally unprecedented.

Ladies and Gentlemen, without further ado (yes, we are in a huge hall. Pretend!) this post will be featuring Miss Yvonne Ben, blogger extraordinaire. She maintains a personal brand and runs one of the fastest and youngest event and entertainment websites in Canada.

YB for Krowd VibeThe Kaleidoscopian for Krowd Magazine

Yvonne Ben is a budding socialite, a tasteful one if I may add. In the picture above, she is wearing Tehilah Designs for Krowd Magazine whose Fall Issue will be out on November 14th.

YB_All Black

She was not always YB, the huge blogger. I remember when she would send me a request at the beginning of every year to follow a new blog. I followed and bookmarked it. Because that is what you do for your friends - you believe in their dreams from the hazy start. Then she started The Kaleidoscopian and didn't stop. Everything changed. Through her website, I have discovered awesome talents like UrkelAce (singular talent hub),  Tehilah Designs (designer), F. Taiwo (poet) and more recently, Bantu Collective (multi-talent hub). My use of the word talent to describe these people/groups is an understatement.


It is truly amazing to see the lengths this young lady has propelled herself to. I am so blessed to know Miss YB and so pleased with what she does through her website, by pulling the curtains open for these young, talented people to express themselves and share their work because even if it's not bringing in a six figure salary, it gives them satisfaction, a sense of self, a taste of fulfillment. We appreciate you, Yvonne.

It is truly amazing to see how far she has come.

If you are an upcoming designer, artist, photographer, or a talent hub in one, definitely check out her website and reach out to her. You just might get the spotlight on your craft.

I love her command of All Black! Whether it's a chic look like the ones above or a casual look like the one you're about to see, she rocks black, unapologetically.  YB_black And now over to Miss Memkoh. I don't wear white as often as I would love to but I truly love all white.  I'll start out with a casual all white look which I rocked to my shoot. DSC_0665 DSC_0664 White Palazzo Pants with White Zip-front Blazer This outfit is the third in what turned out to be a series on how to style Palazzo Pants or wide leg pants. See 1 & 2 here. DSC_0697

DSC_0695 An all white ensemble like this would look great with closed pointed-toe pumps but since I have a short torso and longer legs, I chose a pair of sandals to balance that out so I won't look stuffed in the pumps. The lesson - Dress your body type. Always! DSC_0684

Wear to work, business meeting, or any formal event that calls for a polished look.



DSC_0694YB for Krowd Vibe One last thing because I can never forget- when I was in my first trimester of blogging, I didn't know what half of the Dashboard tabs meant. I told her "Mma how do I do this?". By sunrise, my blog had a new look with her advise. Sometimes, all we need to do is give someone a little nudge. Thank you so much, Yvonne.

Outfit Details YB Dress: Tehilah Designs

Memkoh Corporate Look Pants: Missguided || Jacket: White House Black Market || Shoes: JustFab || Bag: Ross || Bracelets: Express Casual Look Jeans: H&M || Top: Express || Slippers: Calvin Klein (Macys) || Bag: JustFab || Bracelets: Express