Support System 1.0

I know we all have that side of us that tells us that we are superman or superwoman and in-spite of this inner strength, it is critical to know how to effectively communicate our weaknesses without offloading it as a burden on someone else. This was the primary reason I always kept things inside. I never wanted to seem like a bother to anyone but having told myself over and over again that there is an enormous amount of strength in weakness, I recently leaned on my support system during a trying moment. I always hear people say “Family first, then friends…” but the reality of life is that our friends will always be there, most times, a lot more often than our family will. As such, you owe it to yourself to choose your friends wisely. A casual check-up text from a friend in the middle of your day can positively impact the rest of your day, reminding you of your worth and leaving you duly empowered.

The importance of a good support system cannot be overemphasized as everyone needs a support system: me, you, your friends and even your family which serves as a support system needs its own support system to keep it going.

In building a support system, (notice the word "building", because a support system can never be acquired), you have to put into consideration your charisma, your strengths and your weaknesses. Does your support system consist of people who appreciate you as a whole? This will largely depend on your charisma and how you treat other people. You cannot expect a support system to consist of the likes of Oprah Winfrey when you constantly disregard and disrespect others. Does this said support system build you up? Does it encourage you to address your weaknesses while working on your strengths or does it out rightly downplay your strengths without room for growth? For people like myself who appreciate some downtime, does your support system have the full capacity of making you laugh and acting your silly side out?

Once you have your support system together, reaching out to one or more people on there takes a bit of nerve, I know. I'm not one to randomly call someone over the phone and start spilling but since writing is my best form of self expression, I use it. Over the weekend, I shared a bit of my frustration in writing and almost immediately, my support system kicked in and I sincerely appreciate everyone who reached out to me. It was both comforting and reassuring to know that people can believe in you even when you don't believe in yourself.

Ultimately, the decision is yours to make in regards to whether to take or leave the advice you get but there is a lot of relief and often times, a solution arises from sharing your problems with your support system.

Life would not be life if we didn’t have those trying moments and in times where we question our purpose and self-worth, our support system can make all the difference. Hopefully, you can reciprocate this and someday be a part of someone's support system.