Ingenuity: Ankarized Denim (DENKARA BY OÓRE)


Ankarim? Denkara? What should we call this new wave of denim? I was contacted by one of my friends who blogs for College Fashionista to be featured on there in one of my designs. I hadn't made anything new for my store just yet but I had a few ideas for our SS15 Collection.

After making the first pair of shorts as seen here, I grabbed my pair of Levis jeans and placed it on my chair to work on it when I return. But I sighted a blade and without much thought, I put the blade to my denim. On returning home, I sat at my table and after a few attempts, came up with the "Ankarized denim/Ankarim" you're about to see below. This is a huge risk I took, as I typically don't wear ripped jeans but I hope you like it.

Ankara  = African Print fabric.


Would you wear these? Send an email to or order on Etsy.


I styled these jeans in 2 ways. Since this is the first sighting, I'll let your eyes warm up to it a bit and later in the week, I'll post the second styling option for a night out.


Personally, I prefer to wear light wash over dark wash so if you need ideas for how style denim-on-denim, look no further.


A few extra moments...


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Denim: Oóre Handmade || Bowtie: Oóre || Chambray Shirt: Express || Shoes: JustFab

Updates to this post: Unfortunately, I could not be featured on College Fashionista, as my pictures did not meet their requirements. Also, I will be doing a post on how I styled this for a night-out look.