Longline GlowwW

Fitting room dreams do come true. Hear me out.

That you may glow, even in the dark, especially in the dark.

Last year, I was out shopping with the lady behind Zichie Designs. Our first stop was DSW then at Ross, I saw a lovely knee-length blazer but I didn't buy it. On my birthday, she gave me the top I had tried the blazer on with even though the blazer was top of my wishlist.

I completely forgot about this encounter till I was dressing up for my midnight photoshoot (details later). In July, I found a longline blazer with matching pants and it seems like the perfect Fall outfit but I bought it in a bright summer color, Chartreuse. What better way to pair this duo than with the floral top Chi got me? Floral items tend to stand out better against solid colors. #Memkoh'sStyleTip101

For an entire month, I had no one to help me take pictures (my tripod was not with me at the time). A friend called one night and asked if I still needed her amateur photography skills. I obliged and I'm so glad I did. She captured every moment beautifully (lots of evidence below) and it turns out this was the perfect timing and setting to "GlowwW" in my longline blazer. Fitting room dreams do come true!




A simple choker highlights the neck and is best when wearing low neck tops with busy patterns. Here, I turned my favorite statement necklace around (top secret) and clasped it really high to achieve this look.

IMG_7769 IMG_7755 IMG_7776 IMG_7923 IMG_7805 IMG_7836


 IMG_7822 IMG_7874Then my friend who was taking the pictures busted out some Nigerian music...


 That all-too-familiar "Eyyyyyy"


 Life may be considered "too short" but it's long enough, if not longer than that 3 minute song. Dance!...


 Savor every moment...


 Laugh as often as you can...it's highly therapeutic!


Truly, laughter guards my heart and nourishes my soul.


 And stand tall so that no one can knock you off balance.

IMG_7850 IMG_7929

 Be kind to people and smile often.

IMG_7901 IMG_7911

But most importantly,

Never lose your glow.



Thank you so much, lovely for being behind the camera. I had a blast shooting with you. :)

IMG_7904 IMG_7870



Longline blazer: ASOS || top: Ross (in store) || Pants: ASOS || Shoes: Justfab || Watch: Lambretta || Necklace: Express