Education has never been an option for me. It did not start out as a choice, but it has become the path I've chosen. 2 years ago, I made up my mind to pursue a doctoral degree right after bagging my undergraduate degree. I was ready for the work and the extra years, excited at the possibility of skipping out on a Masters. Turns out that God didn't plan my life that way. Did I make a few mistakes that may have cost me an admission to a doctoral program? Maybe but even then, God caused it to happen...for a reason. Being a Christian is a lot of work albeit being very tricky. That's why I find it a bit understandable when people say they don't believe in God. Before one can say that he/she doesn't believe in God, it means they at least acknowledge that He exists. Merely saying His name is enough proof so why do people denounce Him?

More often than naught, our plans do not align with God's plans, especially when we refuse to follow His counsel. If you're familiar with waves, we can say that in those instances, our plans and God's plans are out-of-phase. This can only mean one thing in Physics - destructive interference occurs, meaning that the waves cancel out or are annulled. So precisely, when our plans and God's plans don't match up and we refuse to back down on that plan, we hit a road block.

As humans, we desire things to happen on our own terms, in our own time, refusing to take a "no" for an answer. When that doesn't happen, we immediately start blaming or hating Him. We are quick to forget that God's "No" is equivalent to those times when you (as a parent or guardian) say "no" to your children or cousins as they scramble to empty a bag of Reese's at once. And just like our little daughter or cousin would, we turn around and scoff at Him.

We turn around and scoff at Him because we don't see the tooth decay He is saving us from. We turn around and scoff at Him because we don't see the bigger picture. In all sincerity, we never do and never will, because He's the only one who knows our futures to the T.

Walking with God requires some a lot of flexibility. It means working on someone else's time and trusting that He will cause things to happen when the time is right, as trite as that may sound.

Allow God to guide you so that when you lose your way (it happens), He will re-route you home.

T.R.U.S.T - The Real Understanding needed to follow the Supreme Trail. Just made that up :D

Have a blessed day. -Memkoh