Hon. S's Graduation


Yes, I have a friend who's a Minister. Wait for it. I'll be the first to be awarded contracts when she gets up there. Just kidding. This past weekend, I was at my friend's graduation. This young lady has been a source of inspiration to many and you guessed right. She's selfless and her troubles take the back seat when any of her friends need help. It's been lovely watching her grow...out of her camera-shyness for example (I was on camera duty that day so she had no choice). :D Unlike my other friend's birthday where I didn't get to give a speech, I very well made a speech at S's graduation so I will refrain from doing this all over again. Hon. S, I heart you!

IMG_7144 IMG_7141 IMG_7148It took a village... IMG_7151 IMG_7180 IMG_7192 IMG_7202IMG_7214IMG_7219IMG_7234 IMG_7246 IMG_7247I ran after this lady to get a picture of her outfit. Call it Pastel Perfection! IMG_7248 IMG_7282 IMG_7285 IMG_7301 IMG_7385 IMG_7387 IMG_7392IMG_7419IMG_7471 IMG_7478IMG_7499IMG_7491 IMG_7511 IMG_7518 IMG_7528 IMG_7590 IMG_7593 IMG_7613 IMG_7616 IMG_7608

CONGRATULATIONS, Hon. S & Welcome to the Graduates League!  :)

Of course, I had to steal a few blogger moments. More pictures & details of my outfit here.