Bright Girls Shine Fundraiser


On August 2nd, the Bright Foundation - a non-profit organization run by 3 young Ghanaian women to empower women and girls in Ghana - hosted its 2014 Bright Girls Shine Program. It was a blessing to have The African Fascinator invited as one of designers for the fashion show segment. This support of indigenous designers is definitely a step in the right direction, something touched on in my most recent article and an article by my friend. My jobs for the night were to complete the models' looks by pairing my accessories with their outfits and manage an exhibition of my items. So I ran up and down monitoring the exhibition table on the first floor and the changing room on the second floor. Fun! It really was. I got to see other designers' work and get to exchange ideas with them. And I took in everything, playing blogger and designer at the same time.

However, the cake batter wasn't smooth the entire night as one designer tried to give me some trouble, wrinkling her nose while I was matching accessories with her design. To anyone in an industry as large as the fashion design industry, this is absolutely not the way to go.

Collaboration, not unnecessary competition is what makes individuals and brands grow.

2014-08-02 21.56.46IMG_6783

IMG_6789 IMG_6792

IMG_6711 IMG_6713 IMG_6764

IMG_6897More pictures of the models are on our Facebook page. IMG_6734 IMG_6739The downside of being a blogger without a photographer. Still, I got this!. #Selfienation IMG_6750 IMG_6769 IMG_6777 IMG_6811 IMG_6826Designs by Ivy Prekko IMG_6832Board of Directors of The Bright Foundation. IMG_6858 IMG_6868 IMG_6943With the Founder of Bright Foundation, Senya Donkor.

IMG_6957 IMG_6964IMG_6994 IMG_6984IMG_6972This lady fell in love with our bib button necklace. IMG_6973 IMG_7006 IMG_7011 IMG_7032 IMG_7044 IMG_7049

IMG_7076It was a delight to meet Nikkie Billie Jean, stylist and Editor-In-Chief of All Things Ankara. So enterprising! IMG_7078 IMG_7079

Skirt: Yesstyle || Top: H&M || Shoes: Ross ($20 only!!!) || Watch: Lambretta || Earrings: TAF. Similar here.

Thank you again to the ladies of Bright Foundation for the opportunity to showcase our work. We ladies of TheAfricanFascinator are certain that your drive and passion will help you achieve your goals so you'll one day spread your impact beyond Ghana. You have no idea how truly rewarding it was to see smiles on people's faces as they picked up our pieces. Online shopping doesn't give a pint of that satisfaction.

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Thank you! :)