Infusing African Prints 2


Hello again and Happy Sunday! :) This post is a continuation from Infusing African Prints 1 where I showed you how I turned my basic outfits into something unique by simply adding African print accessories. This time, I'll show you how I styled actual clothing made with African print; they are basically westernized styles in our traditional fabric. And please note that I'll use the words Ankara and African prints interchangeably.

Styling an Ankara Dress

My friend (pictured below) was to host her school's International Students Association Ball. When she invited me to be her handbag, I obliged without thinking of the consequences - buying a dress! A savvy shopper like myself, I went online and had just found the perfect dress when she called to inform me that I could appear in traditional wear. I hesitated at first. I wanted that embellished white Bebe dress with a long slit. But I looked at my bank account and it looked back at me and immediately, I knew.


On the day of the ball, I grabbed an old maxi Ankara dress and a black blazer which happened to be my first outfit for my school's ASA Gala (See my 2nd outfit here). This time, I wore flats so that it flowed beautifully. I was so confident that I will get some pictures by myself for the blog. That didn't happen, just like at the first event. In other words, meet my beautiful friends below. :)

IMG_9730 IMG_9779 IMG_9747 (2)

Styling an Ankara Skirt 

African print fabrics usually come in about 6 yards, making it easy for our designers (tailors as we call them) to make multiple pieces with one stretch of fabric. This skirt was custom made 5 years ago and it came with a matching top. Soon enough, I'll wear them together. My necklace is from Forever21, top from H&M, shoes from Justfab. Notice how the ankara skirt transforms the basic pieces in this outfit. 10453294_684845284896836_1267469805_nWith one of the ladies of ZiChie Designs.  1079209_684845424896822_2108085745_nDon't you just love her electric blue outfit? Her dress is made of African print as well and on her head is a head wrap called Gele. I really loved her choice to opt for a monotonous look with skyscraper heels of course! 10461757_684845491563482_1241294064_n 10461787_684845824896782_1517133490_n 10405841_684846848230013_2074798991_n

Styling an Ankara Skirt 2

Don't be afraid to come up with different designs for your African fabric. I have no midi skirts so I cajoled my friend and co-owner of The African Fascinator to get me one made in ankara. I love how it turned out - her choice of fabric, the length and especially the high waist. Thank you, Jugo! For the rest of the outfit, I kept it simple with a white tee, bracelet, Lambretta wristwatch, nude JustFab heels and a matching bag from Lulus. I never match my bags to my outfit but on this Sunday, I had 20 minutes between arriving from a weekend away and heading to church. Switching bags was certainly not my priority.

2014-07-06 14.02.04 2014-07-06 14.05.25 2014-07-06 14.05.50 2014-07-06 14.05.51

2014-07-06 23.38.00

I hope this post was useful. Have fun incorporating African prints into your daily wear.

Regards, Memkoh