Styling Floral Heels #1

Yellow, yellow, yellow! I remember a set of Calvin Klein skort and top my parents bought for me when I was really tiny. I loved that skort with my whole heart, body, mind and soul. It was nude, well, brown to me back then. But that top? That top was yellow and I wore it only once! I can't believe that a color that used to hurt my eyes when I was a child has become one of my favorite colors to wear :) Years later, I'm still very selective of what I wear. I only recently started buying floral prints and pastel colors and although I can only take them in little doses, it will be a shame if I don't admit that my closet appreciates the change; at least I think it does. We all need a change in our closet (clothes, shoes, life perspective) from time to time. As much as possible, break free from the boundaries you've confined yourself to, knowing that your world is only as big as you draw it. I have and I'm very pleased. Let's see how long  this new attraction lasts.

Photocredit: Chi-chi

IMG_0700 IMG_0562

IMG_0659IMG_0667IMG_0678 IMG_0689

IMG_0517IMG_0756IMG_0544 IMG_0535 IMG_0755IMG_0525IMG_0711IMG_0707IMG_0529IMG_0774

IMG_0531Don't go too far...I'll be right back with the 2nd post on how to style floral heels.! :) Skirt: H&M || Top: (old) Love Culture. really cute substitute: Topshop || Blazer: Amazon || Heels: Steve Madden || Bag: Gift (ASOS)

Send an email to if you want these shoes. Size 9.