Birthday Photoshoot


Remember my excited “Happy New Month” wish at the beginning of May? I told it was for a special reason – I turned a year older! Woohooo!!!!. I cannot thank God enough for adding another crown to my days. :) The Celebration: In addition to having a cliché birthday dinner, I had a photoshoot, something I’ve always wanted to do. Oh  and the dinner reservation was initially for one – myself – until I spoke with my friend on my birthday eve (we do this every year) and she urged me to invite a few friends. Keeping my party really small was a huge deviation from my previous birthdays. I didn’t want anything extravagant (blame the old age). I'll still take myself out to dinner soon enough.

The Idea: My idea for my birthday photoshoot was to wear outfits that are in a sense, not my style and therefore out of my comfort zone. I thought it would be interesting to see how I’d look in them. Obviously, things went wrong – two of my orders did not arrive in time, reducing my plan from 6 outfits to 4. I received one this week and as I type this, the second one hasn’t arrived because it was mistakenly sent to Australia. I won’t rage about how or why it got there but I contacted Boohoo right away and got a response in about 3 hours and a coupon for 20% off my next order. For that tremendous customer service, I forgive them. Anyway, I had to run to some stores to get close substitutes to what I had carefully selected online.

The Photographer: I had no idea how to find a photographer in my area. Sure, I could have gone online, but how would I have chosen from the myriad of photographers around? I had a Eureka moment and immediately typed in possible hashtags into my Instagram search bar. It returned a lot of results and as I perused each photographer’s page, I was mostly displeased with what I saw – over-edited images. I didn’t want any of that. So I kept searching till I found a photographer whose images were clean. Just Joy Photography was the one and she delivered 100%. Joy is such a pleasure to work with because as you’ll see in a moment, I was timid at first but she helped me ease into it. It wasn’t long before the camera and I became one.

Outfit #1 - All Black The first outfit was an All Black ensemble. I know you are saying "What? I do this everyday" but if you have been following my blog long enough or if you know me personally, you’d know that I never don all black. There just has to be some color here and there but this time, I had to stick to the plan. ©Just Joy Photography 2013

I absolutely love how this sheer long-sleeved top was paired with these faux-leather pants. The strappy sandals with pointed-toe was a perfect addition to this outfit as strappy heels give off a summer-y flair. My justification for splurging on these Steve Madden babies 5days before my birthday was that I needed to give myself a birthday present. Riiiggghtttt! :)

©Just Joy Photography 2013 ©Just Joy Photography 2013I used to joke that "there's no space for black in my closet" up until last summer when black items started creeping in. I always avoided wearing black shoes even when they were the most appropriate to complete an outfit. That has changed so far this year.  ©Just Joy Photography 2013 ©Just Joy Photography 2013 ©Just Joy Photography 2013©Just Joy Photography 2013©Just Joy Photography 2013©Just Joy Photography 2013 ©Just Joy Photography 2013 ©Just Joy Photography 2013Top: GoJane || Pants: GoJane || Shoes: Steve Madden || Earrings: Charlotte Russe || Rings: H&M