Confused Hues


Windy days are not my favorite and this outfit got me into trouble. How did the seams on my skirt decide to split *longer* as I was walking on to the podium for the Bible reading? Like a robot, I stood there the entire time, moving only my lips and fingers (when I needed to flip pages). Attention was the last thing I wanted, especially not in the direction of that slit. The walk back to my seat was interesting.

How about my colors? I thought they were weird at first and you might feel the same. But on seeing the pictures, I figured that the coral (looks like pink in these pictures) represents spring/summer which has blatantly refused to show up in full force, while the maroon represents the lingering feel of winter which we're all fed up with. And together, they make a perfect outfit because that's how the weather has been since April: confused!

My skirt doesn't fit as well as it used to when I got it made in Shanghai. Shows that Shanghai treated me well. I plan on getting 3 more skirts like this in brighter colors. I assure you they'll never make it to church. No, not again!


IMG_0013IMG_9995IMG_0003IMG_0004 IMG_0006 IMG_0007 IMG_0009 IMG_9985 IMG_9986 IMG_9988IMG_9990Skirt: Shanghai || Shirt: Express || Shoes: (old) Steve Madden || Necklace: (old) Express ||  Earrings: (old) New York & Company || Bracelets: (old) Express & Charlotte Russe

Since I talked about Shanghai in this post, my 50th post will be a continuation of my 1st post ever on this blog. Coming tonight. #StayTuned And thank you so much for sticking around for this long. If you're new to my blog, promise me you'll stick around longer. :)