Peaches & Pebbles


It was a great weekend, with the successful hosting of Mapinduzi 2014. First taxi company had failed me, so I missed my friend's birthday dinner. I knew I had to go somewhere that night. So I called for yet another cab. At 1:30am, 30 minutes before every spot slams their door shut, my taxi arrived. Do you feel my pain now? There was no time to feel infuriated, so I hopped in and some minutes later, I was sipping on some brand of red wine I don't know, solo. It was amazing and I promised myself I'll do that more often. Since my tripod and I did not have a moment before I left, here's a rendition of my outfit that night. Shift dresses (Boohoo) are my obsession this Spring/Summer and I look forward to welcoming more into my closet. This bag (Forever 21) has become my go-to bag and I love it every time; it's big enough to fit all my junk for the night, yet small enough to be carried around with ease. I was shocked when I saw it in Forever21, as that is not my favorite place to shop but if it looks good and the price is right, say no more. As for my $9.95 shoes (JustFab), they work magic every time. Earrings and bracelets are from New York & Company and Express respectively (two of my favorite stores). :)

Hope I have proved to you that you don't need to spend exorbitant prices on your clothes to look like a million bucks. Email for a free personal shopping consultation.

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