4 Ways to Wear: The Floral Skirt

In my last post, I mentioned that I don't have a penchant for patterns and prints because most times, they are overdone. This skirt was different. The colors and unique placements of the flowers, the brief discontinuation of the floral pattern and the front slit made this skirt so stylish and endearing that I could totally see myself in it. I usually don't make more than 2 outfits per piece but on this night, I was on a roll. I made an outfit, then another, then another, until I had 4 outfit sets. I posted them on my Instagram page @memkoh and the feedback was so encouraging that before I went to bed, I created a photo grid, with hopes of sharing it in the morning but to my surprise, @StylemeAfrica beat me to it and featured all 4 sets on their page. The response was wild! What a beautiful and encouraging thing to wake up to. For that reason, I've added a new sub-section titled "4 Ways to Wear". Thank you to StyleMeAfrica, my friends  & everyone who has been supporting my blog.

photo 4

photo 1

photo 2

photo 3