My Spring Break Closet


What you don't know about my spring break is that I packed in an hour. Here's an outfit-only post to show you at a glance, what I wore for the entire week. Yaayyyy to finally having a 7-day outfit post. Looking at these pictures, I noticed that I stepped out of my comfort zone on many occasions and wore things I usually don't/wouldn't wear regularly e.g. teeny weeny shorts & crop tops! Guess that's the perk of being on a vacation. Above every outfit set is a link to the full vacation post, location and activities. I also provided some tips at the end. Enjoy! :)

Day 1: At Sea - arrival, activities and shows on-board


IMG_5758 IMG_5809

Skirt: Boohoo || Top: Strawberry (boutique in NY) || Flip-flops:!

Day 2: At Sea - activities and shows on-board


IMG_6028 IMG_6037

Top: Express || Shorts: Love Culture

Day 3: Roatan, Honduras - Zip-lining, city tour and beach

IMG_6317 IMG_6389 IMG_6388 IMG_6387

Dress: Boohoo || Sunglasses: Aldo

Day 4: Belize City - Cave tubing

IMG_6727 IMG_6906 2014-03-26 16.24.02

Shorts: Love Culture || Sandals: Aldo || Bag: JustFab || Top: Boohoo (can you tell I'm obsessed with this store? It'll wear off soon, I promise)

Day 5: Costa Maya, Mexico - beach, ATVs then all-white pool party on-board

IMG_7061 IMG_7072 IMG_7074 IMG_7188 photo 1 (1)IMG_7425

Dungarees/Overalls: ASOS || Crop Top: Charlotte Russe

All-White Pool Party

IMG_7642 IMG_7624

Crop Top: Express || Pants: Walgreens (best last minute purchase ever!) || Sandals: Aldo

Day 6: Cozumel, Mexico - city tour, Tequila tasting

IMG_7842 IMG_7852

Shorts: Charlotte Ruse || Top: Express || Sandals: DSW

Day 7: At Sea - activities & shows, dinner then more shows/activities

IMG_8144 IMG_8151

Top: Boohoo || Pants (Culottes): Boohoo || Sandals: DSW

IMG_8161IMG_8185 IMG_8249IMG_8267IMG_8373 IMG_8376 IMG_8416 IMG_8401


Dress: H&M || Jacket: Jacobs (Canada) || Sandals: Steve Madden


Tips for an outfit-drama-free vacation:

  1. Take more than one pair of sunglasses.
  2. Take sunscreen! My skin is currently flaking and peeling.
  3. Don't use your everyday bag like I did. Actually invest in a nice holiday-friendly tote or beach bag.
  4. Pack at least 3 extra days worth of clothes. I packed like I'd be gone for a month but that's just me. I'm inching closer to packing light with every trip I make.
  5. Whites are essential; take enough of them. We were told to bring an all-white outfit. Turns out the party was more relaxed than I thought it would be so my white dress would have been too much. But I had no issues toning it down because I took a bunch of whites.
  6. Try not to plan every outfit because one day, you might feel like wearing something completely different. Focus on giving yourself options by packing enough clothes, not outfits.