Spring Break: 4 of 5 - Costa Maya


On Thursday at 8am, we arrived at Costa Maya, Mexico with yet another ship, Norwegian Epic. As suggested by our previous tour guides, when in Mexico, we had to get Mexican boyfriends and drink lots of Tequila. Word! Our ultimate goal was to see The Mayan Ruins. But the only tour company with that tour was affiliated with Norwegian and you know what that means about prices. We later found a tour with ATVs, snorkeling and other water activities but since the tide was high, all water activities were canceled. And seeing the Mayan Ruins had become fictitious. The ATV tour had an inclusive trip to Mahahual Beach so we paid $50 each for that. You should have seen the excitement on our faces as we got connected to the wi-fi at Senor Frogs. We'd seen too much water, enough to last a lifetime in Belize and Honduras. Also, those emails had to be read and close friends had to be tormented with beach pictures. lol! 

My favorite part - ATV tour came along. What I loved about it was the personalized tour experience. It was all so beautiful and for the first hour, Lami was on the wheels so I was able to attend to my paparazzi duties. We saw beach front houses and beach front houses. On the way back, I took over. The pictures will tell you what happened but she can't say I didn't warn her. :D

Downtown Costa Maya was our next stop and finally, we pulled up at the port. Two hours before departure was enough time to get lost so we did - found a teaser Mayan Ruin, watched people swimming with dolphins and rested by the shore. Then like the previous days, it was time to say goodbye to Costa Maya and Norwegian Epic. Back on the ship, tiredness was forbidden, even after a heavy buffet, so we attended Comedy showtime with The Second City, Deal or No Deal Game Show (I was asleep the entire time), Norwegian's Chocoholic Buffet & finally, Norwegian's White Hot Party. I didn't want to think of the last day ahead. *weeps* IMG_7025 IMG_7027 IMG_7033 IMG_7040 IMG_7043 IMG_7046 IMG_7047 IMG_7050 IMG_7053 IMG_7051 IMG_7060 IMG_7064 IMG_7086IMG_7092IMG_7300IMG_7093 IMG_7095 IMG_7108 IMG_7113 IMG_7114 IMG_7117 IMG_7122 IMG_7157 IMG_7170IMG_7180IMG_7235 IMG_7213IMG_7292IMG_7298


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