Spring Break: 3 of 5 - Belize City


Welcome to Belize!!! 2 other ships, Carnival and Norwegian Jewel arrived with us at 8am. It was cool to have fellow holiday cruisers but this arrival was different. Our ship docked miles away from the actual port and multiple tender boats had to transport us to shore. But like the previous day in Roatan, my friend, Lami and I bargained with the local tour guides and paid $90 for both of us to go cave tubing (4 hours, transportation included). That was all we could do because other tourist-y activities were located on the other side of the city. Upon arriving at the location, there were lots of huge buses which immediately confirmed what a Google search had returned. We were each given a tube and a head lamp and unknowingly to us, hiking was involved. We walked and walked in the blazing sun, tubes in hand, and crossed 3 rivers until we got close to the entrance of the cave. Our tubes were tied, we hopped in the middle and our adventure began. “Lights on”. The water was so calm and as we floated, the tour guide explained the formations we could see - stalactites and stalagmites. I had read about these in my Kingfisher Children’s Encyclopedia...that took long enough! Calmness engulfed me as I pointed my headlamp at each of them. It was so awesome; cool water rushing beneath our butts coupled with the "butts-up" calls from our tour guide at points where the water became shallow.

That ended too soon. Before leaving, we made friends with the locals - one of whom was juggling night classes with helping out at his dad's restaurant during the day. Pretty impressive and he was friendly too. But I wasn't in Belize to get a man. That had to wait for Mexico!

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