Spring Break 2014: 2 of 5 - Roatan, Honduras

At 9am, we arrived at our first port of call - Roatan, Honduras. Yaayyyy! Once the boats got cleared by customs, we headed out to get local tours. Note that tours can be pre-booked with the cruise line but we gathered that those prices could be slashed by 1/4 if you bargain with  the local tour guides and as Nigerians, bargaining is not on our list of weaknesses. For $100, we both got a city tour, zip-lining and private beach package but from NCL, a city tour alone was over $100. The city tour was pretty great as our driver who was raised in Roatan happily described places as we drove by. Roatan did not look too far from what I’m used to in my hometown in Nigeria - narrow roads, lots of vegetation and individual style houses, not rows of apartment buildings - and that was what made it so likeable.

Afterwards, we got dropped off at the zip-lining location. My dress soon turned into a romper once I got strapped with those incredibly taut ropes. A bumpy ride up a steep hill later, our 2 instructors led us to the starting point. There were 9 levels; we went from the highest to the lowest in what I’d call declining fear order. I can't perfectly describe my shrieks of fear but know that they soon turned into squeals of excitement. Once we got done, our driver came to pick us up to the private beach called Parrot Tree. It was nothing short of beautiful and as soon as I saw the crystal clear water, I swore never to go to Atlantic City again.

At 5pm, we sailed away from Honduras after spending 8 hours. That was surreal! And the thought of doing this everyday was amazing. Back on the ship, we had dinner, went through the millions of pictures (600+) and while I took a nap, Lami attended a 7pm comedy show. Later, we attended 3 out of the 27 events lined up for that evening - a performance by Ntrigue, The Perfect Couple Game Show and Pool Side Toga party before hitting the sheets.

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