Ama B. Version 2.1


Let's skip the "How I met Ama B" part. It was our orientation morning in Lagos, and I was paired with this girl (back then). We had to find out about ourselves so we did and when it was time to share those facts with everyone, we burst into laughter because we had forgotten/mixed up a few details although some were similar. But that's not why we became or remained friends. We found ourselves in the same city for college and it's been great knowing her because back in Lagos, we were all posing. LOL! The Amayo I now know is a strong, supportive and incredibly independent young lady who maintains a healthy relationship with her family/friends, her school work, and her other responsibilities. She is extremely passionate about serving those in her immediate environment (Resident Assistant) and the under-served (TOMS Ticket To Give). In acknowledgement of her passion and streak of achievements, she was recently conferred with the "Who's Who Among Students in American Universities and Colleges" Award.

On this day, we were not celebrating her achievements, but a life of impact. The few phone calls we try to squeeze in during school terms never end without laughter. That's character! Amayo Bassey is a true gem and the epitome of class, distinction and humility. It's no wonder that her friends and family flew in from different parts of the country to celebrate with her. I'll let the captured moments do the rest of the talking. Happy Birthday again, Ama B! Welcome to the agbalagba (old age) club! :D

P.s. I didn't get the chance to give a toast at the event so yh, this is my toast. The best part? It will be here forever! :)





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