Cucina Zapata

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With vibrant flares of reds, greens, and purples, it’s hard to miss “Cucina Zapata” parked at the end of a long, single-filed of food trucks. What’s even harder to miss is the small congregation of people gathering outside the truck (in below freezing weather) almost 20 minutes before it even opens. 11:40- 7 people; 11:56- 12 people; 12:08 - when they finally open - over 20 people. However, our friendly host, Gabriel, takes orders outside the truck before it opens while the hungry but patient crowd stands and waits for their food. But M and I are not “standers”. Taking this opportunity, she displays her fashionable outfit while striking many dazzling poses, and I practiced capturing it all on her ipad mini (her nice Canon was accidentally left behind).

As fun as it was, it only temporarily distracted us from how hungry we were and when the food finally arrived, M and I scurried into shelter for an epic chow down. I ordered the Capt’n Crunch Tilapia Burrito; an assembly of tomatoes, avocados, red cabbages, and a zesty orange sauce. The burrito was just as colorful and looked just as festive as the truck it was sold in. Upon first bite, it was clear why the line outside was so long. Not only was it flavorful and delicious, but even the texture seemed very well balanced; a delightful crunch of fried batter and lettuce with the softness and chewiness of the avocado and tortilla. Yup, super technical, I know! =P

So week 2: a pleasant lunch with my buddy M over a delicious Asian fusion burrito. Yet another success!