Half a Week #3: Wonder Coat


Continued from previous post, Mysterious Rave, this is the third and last post in the "Half a Week" series... The next day was Tuesday and I had no class. Yay right? An 8:30am meeting, a ton of school work as usual, another meeting, a food expedition trip (see "Food" tab) and some well spent lab hours gladly reversed that. On my way home, I was craving wings so much and it was only right to reward myself. "Are you waiting for company?" the waiter asked. Nope! "Sitting for my wings and I. Thank you!"

I sketched this "Wonder Coat" and got it custom made last summer in Xingyang Market, Shanghai. :) Nothing makes me happier than strutting walking in a coat I designed. Camel/tan would have been a better color but I surprisingly wanted a black coat. My initial design was a coat with a double peplum layer and a zip underneath the top peplum layer so it can be converted from a long coat to a short coat at will. But I considered my age and realized that in 3 years, I wouldn't want to look like a fairy, gliding in double peplum so I stuck with a single layer. I added rouched shoulder because I love extra details. As I selected the fabric, I was told that it was 100% cashmere; we both know this has some wool blend in it. The hat was a refreshing addition to my regular school look.

Back to my day, those juicy honey barbecue wings made a perfect ending or so I thought, but I ran into a friend on my way out of the restaurant and the ensuing photo shoot trumped that (pictures are in reverse chronological order). It was an amazing Tuesday but what was more awesome about it was that I did it all in heels from 8:30am - 9pm.

IMG_4382 IMG_4402IMG_4380 IMG_4372 IMG_4365 IMG_4360 IMG_4351 IMG_4345 IMG_4327IMG_4318 IMG_0936IMG_0932